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Re: more questions, anyone? + one for hp floatingbridge

Posted by hyperfocus on June 13, 2011, at 15:59:53

In reply to Re: more questions, anyone? + one for hp hyperfocus, posted by floatingbridge on June 13, 2011, at 1:13:06

One time I was talking to a Benedictine monk and I told him how I found the religion I had been taught in school to be too inadequate and simplistic and childish. He told me that there were books to read when you're a child and books to read when you're an adult. I think faith is something that is supposed to grow and change as a person ages. I don't see any harm in your son participating in an established faith like Catholicism. If he is curious and gifted as you say I don't think there's much danger of him being too indoctrinated or developing a one-sided view of things. Stuff like Sunday School and First Communion and Confirmation were more social activities to me than anything else. The thing I found most disturbing was why none of the students or teachers ever showed me the kindness and compassion and virtue they all talked about. My mom was a Catholic for little more than the fact that she liked the rituals and symbols and stuff and she though the priests were handsome in their tunics and collars. I don't think she cared much about whether Purgatory existed or babies were born with Original Sin or whatever. If your son likes the whole notion of God and Heaven and stuff then it's cool. As he gets older and he begins to think about stuff more he's going to have questions - and the most important thing you have to do is encourage him to always ask his questions and seek out wisdom. That's what I would tell my kid I guess - nobody has all the answers and it's up to you to find them for yourself but in the mean time I'll take you to Mass when I go and try to explain what it all means.

If any priest puts orthodoxy and dogma over wisdom and understanding and compassion, then it's probably not a good church to be in. I had a priest once who made a point of saying at every Mass that only Catholics were allowed to come up for Communion. Not surprisingly I began to attend church less and less. I can't actually think of something more against what Christ's message was than what this priest said, but I don't think they all can be like this. Nowadays I don't really care what the priest thinks or says anymore - I just go to church because I believe it's a meaningful thing just to spend 1 hr contemplating
my faith with other people - something I believe we were asked to do. But I would always advise anyone that the only way to understand religion is to seek out the wisdom that resonates with the things that are buried deep inside you. Nobody can do this for you.

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