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Re: Lou' request-mrngsptr Lou PIlder

Posted by Tomatheus on March 9, 2013, at 15:46:24

In reply to Lou' request-mrngsptr Tomatheus, posted by Lou PIlder on March 9, 2013, at 14:19:48


See below for my responses to your questions.

> A. Which God do you have a relationship with?

I don't know the name of the God who I feel like I have a relationship with, but I feel like God as I know Him is a spiritual presence beyond myself that knows the future and has a forgiving nature. The first thing that I feel that God revealed to me was that I was forgiven. Now, I refer to this spiritual presence as God, but I can't discount the possibility that it might be someone or something else. I'm sure that many would argue that what I perceive to be God is really just my mind playing tricks on me since my experiences with God are closely tied into (and in some ways inseparable from) my psychosis. I was very delusional at the time that I first felt the presence of God, and I now recognize that a lot of the things that I was thinking at that point in time were in fact delusions, but I don't think that my belief of being opened up to this intelligent spiritual presence that I call God is a delusional one. I don't usually try to convince others of this because I know that they're not likely to believe me, and I'm not trying to persuade you as much as I'm just answering your question.

> B. Does this God have any scriptures that the people that give service and worship to this God use?

I don't know the extent to which the God I have a relationship with influenced the writing of various religious scriptures. I would like to think that the God that I have a relationship with is the same God that people of various world religions worship, but I don't know for sure if that's the case.

> C. In those scriptures, if there are any, do they speak to what that God prescribes to people that take mind-altering drugs?

I am only familiar with the Bible since I was raised a Roman Catholic Christian, but I have not read enough of it to know what it speaks of concerning what God prescribes to people that take mind-altering drugs.

> D. Does this God claim to have created the heavens and the Earth?

I have not had God make this claim to me, but He has not revealed anything to the contrary, either.

> E. If this God writes in the scriptures, if any, that one can be delivered out of depression and addiction, do you know how that can be done?

I don't know how that can be done. It might be possible for deliverance out of depression and/or addiction through divine means to occur, but I do not know of it happening, nor do I know what one would need to do to make it happen.

Well, that sums up my responses. Some of them may sound delusional to a lot of those who are going to read them, but they represent my honest take on what I've experienced.


Dx: schizoaffective disorder

Treatments: Abilify & Korean ginseng




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