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Re: Lou's reply-gheybreell Lou PIlder

Posted by schleprock on March 3, 2013, at 17:36:20

In reply to Lou's reply-gheybreell Meatwood_Flack, posted by Lou PIlder on March 3, 2013, at 10:30:45

> > I've noticed that you almost always refer to some revelation you could share were it not for the prohibitions of Dr. Hsiung. If you're unable to share it, why even mention it? And, since you're unable to share it, it appears you're unable to offer an alternative to taking medications, aside from your admonitions that they might kill or cause the taker to kill. If you truly believed in the power of your revelation to heal, why would you not simply start a blog and make the address available to those who might benefit? Dr. Bob can't prevent you from doing that. Perhaps you're more interested in telling everyone you've received a revelation then you are in using it to help others. Perhaps there is no revelation, after all. If I were confined to my home and starving, it would do me no good for you to drop by and tell me about the freezer full of steaks your wife won't let you share with me. To say you have a better way and would like to share it, but can't, is disingenuous, at best, and insulting, at worst. There are folks in the Middle East who believe they have received revelations that they should strap on bomb belts and blow themselves on crowded buses. Back in the 80's, evangelist Oral Roberts reviewed a revelation that if his ministry did not raise 5 million dollars in a certain amount of time that God would call him home. The person claiming to be God's special messenger should be eyed with skepticism. Why did you get the revelation and not us? Speaking of special messengers, the Pope just stepped down. Maybe you should do, likewise. It's hard to trust those who present themselves as exalted but then refuse to show their work. If you truly received a revelation relevant to the daily struggle that everyone on this board grapples with, start a blog so we can know what it is.
> M_F,
> You wrote,[ could share if not for the prohibitions of (Mr.) Hsiung.If you are unable to share it, why even mention it?...].
> It is important IMHO to others that read here that I am prevented to post educational material that could save lives and prevent life-ruining conditions and addictions by Mr Hsiung's prohibitions posted to me here. This shows that what this forum is could have the content controlled by Mr Hsiung and his lackeys that do his wishes. Since he and his deputy now and his previous deputies can controll the content here, then what readers get is not educational at all, for when one person's perspective is disallowed, then the whole picture can be distorted to one person's thinking which could have the potential IMHHHO to lead to the death of readers that act on only what is allowed to be posted. If the readers knew what I am prevented from posting here, then they could make a more-informed decision as to drug their child, their loved ones, themselves, in collaboration with a psychiatrist/doctor. Because of the prohibitions to me, they only have the side that is allowed to be posted! Now I want reades to know that I am prevented from posting here what I think could save their lives, the lives of their children and loved ones. And the fact that the Jewish perspective as reveled to me is prohibited for me to post here, that prohibition, in and of itself, could arouse antisemitic feelings that could lead to the takers of the drugs to seek out a Jew to cause harm or death, for Mr Hsoiung says that he is doing what will be good for this community as a whole and to try and trust him in what he does. Do you know whoe else said that?
> Lou

No, who else said that? Papa Smurf?




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