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Lou's reply-numah hyperfocus

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 12, 2010, at 8:03:36

In reply to Re: mind-altering meds Lou Pilder, posted by hyperfocus on October 11, 2010, at 23:15:14

> Ha, tribulation indeed. I've been on meds for at least 12 years. They might have to invent a new word to describe what I would experience attempting to go off all meds and I daresay most babblers are in the same boat.
> I'm curious Lou about what you believe about meds, could you tell us more about why you believe that med users may suffer some terrible punishment from God? I recall you always ment6ion "mind-altering drugs;" well I think the only type of drugs that existed in biblical times were drugs like wine that were used to achieve feelings of euphoria and relaxation. The only equivalent modern mind-altering drugs would be cocaine and meth and LSD and heroin and substances like that. There's no way to classify SSRIs and MAOIS and APs and all the rest with these illegal drugs.
> Sure some people might report feeling great or a healthy euphoria on something like Nardil but I suspect what we think feels wonderful might be just normal for healthy people. I remember when I was very young that after I woke up I had like a lot of anticipation as to what the new day would bring. I wish I could get back to feeling that way, but the point is this isn't a 'mind-altered state.' Personally some meds actually increase the raw psychic pain I feel, but then the pain becomes less diffuse and less dissociative and I fell like my mind doesn't have to spend 90% of the time fruitlessly spinning its wheels attempting to fix some traumatic experiences I had years ago and I'm able to function better at day-to-day tasks.
> So my questions is why would these substances which attempt to fix minds instead of alter them be evil? The brain is a part of the human body and like every part of the body can be injured. So what is it in your revelation that leads you to believe that God doesn't want us to treat our brains with meds, just like we treat our heart or lungs?
You wrote,[...tribulation indeed...have to invent a new word to describe what I would experiance attenpting to go off all (mind-altering drugs)...].
It has been revealed to me from the god that you are referring to here that it is His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. There is no pain or suffering or tears or death in heaven.
When one is called to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it has been revealed to me that there can be great tribulation to overcome by the person called. When I was talking about The Sign of Jonah, what has been revealed to me about that is different from the popular teachings.
The Kingdom of heaven can be here and now. When I had an encounter with a Rider on a White Horse, the first thing that He said to me was, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand."
This Kingdom, is not observed. It is a spiritual Kingdom, not of this world. One that enters has the power to overcome and receive a Crown of Life. It has been revealed to me the mysteries of The Kingdom. I can not share most of that revelation here due to rules made here by the administration.
Now in that encounter, there were directions to follow to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I was told that one can not enter that Kingdom in any way by themselves and that God's power allows one to enter. This power is like the wind. And the wind can lift. And one can be lifted out of tribulation and the Spirit of God can come into them and conceive a new person that then can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It has been revealed to me that this Lifting is done by the Wind of God passing under His Wings.
And when I had this encounter I was in great fear. Then the Rider said to me, "Come into Me, all that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest, for those that fear My name the Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in His wings."





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