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Re: Going to the Devil

Posted by hyperfocus on October 3, 2010, at 19:56:21

In reply to Re: Going to the Devil, posted by rjlockhart04-08 on September 28, 2010, at 6:17:53

Part of the mythology of Satan is that he gives people what they want...and then some. This character associated with Satan - Mephisto - is always making deals with people.

Here's a story: Once there was this struggling medical student who wanted to pass her exams more than anything else. She wanted nothing more than to be recognized as an outstanding doctor, to be known by everyone. She made a deal with Mephisto - I'll do any evil you want me to, I'll give you anything I have, just help me pass my exams. Mephisto said ok - I'll give you the exam papers beforehand. All I want in return are a few of your memories. The girl agreed, she had so many memories so who cared if she had to give up some.

End of the year the girl's heart was filled with pride and joy. She had gotten top honors and was recognized as the most brilliant student in her class. The few weeks after her exams were the happiest in her entire life. She got drunk on the admiration of her friends and family and professors. She had every single thing she ever wanted.

One Monday morning she began her internship. Her supervisor asked her a question. But she couldn't remember what the answer was. All day her supervisor and other students asked her questions. She couldn't remember a single thing. Nurses came to her asking for directions. But she didn't know anything. Patients pleaded with her to help them but she couldn't remember the names of their diseases. Nothing she had studied could be remembered. Everyone at the university looked at her with astonishment, how could a such a brilliant student not know a single thing about medicine? At the end of the first year of her internship she had endured an unbelievable level of disgrace and humiliation. Everywhere she went there were whispers about her. People pointed at her and laughed. Everybody knew who she was. Every day she wished the earth would swallow her up.

God does not give us what we want - he gives us what we need. Satan does the opposite. God's purpose is to uplift Man. Satan's purpose is to degrade us. Choose carefully who you want to serve.




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