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Re: Going to the Devil bleauberry

Posted by bulldog2 on September 27, 2010, at 15:21:39 [reposted on September 28, 2010, at 6:17:54 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Going to the Devil, posted by bleauberry on September 26, 2010, at 9:52:24

> Since this isn't really a medication topic I wouldn't be surprised if it gets bumped to a different forum. In the meantime....
> Satan would love nothing better than for you to turn to him. He is everywhere ya know. Not hard to find and he is quick to respond. His entire purpose is to keep as many people as possible from entering eternal life with God. He is the master of deception. He can show you incredible love, warmth, and wisdom...kind of like giving an unsuspecting child all the candy and toys prior to slicing the poor kid's head off with a sword.
> If you question God's existence and have failed to have faith in Jesus, be assured the devil is already dancing with joy at you.
> Faith...that means believing without seeing. God's Kingdom is filled with those who kept the faith right until the end. Our life as humans is but a mere speck of sand on a beach compared to eternal time. It is the eternal time that matters, and what we do in this lifetime determines whether we get there or we rot to dust.
> To be in a place of perfect happiness, freedom from evil, freedom from illness, love and warmth, means the devil must be rejected at every turn every moment.
> The Bible can be much too overwhelming to many. There is just so much in there, not laid out like a regular book, and wisdom that is almost beyond our comprehension. Keep it simpler...spend your time reading Psalms and Proverbs before reading others.
> Will God wave a magic wand and cure you? I doubt it. Miracle healings do happen, but I've never witnessed them. They do seem fewer than in olden days. Can God give you the inhuman strength to endure, and the wisdom to know the correct course of action? Without a doubt. Whatever the reason for you sufferings, faith says there is a perfectly good reason for it....a reason we could not possibly understand at this time....and that you would be glad for it if you knew why. Faith. Some of God's most cherished men in the Bible suffered chronic illnesses, depression, and "thorns in the side". God allowed it. Why? We don't know. All we do know is that in the end, it was all for good purpose. Maybe God was testing to see if his favorite children would retain faith even during bad times, or see if they would choose voluntarily to fall away to dust as did Lucifer.
> It's bad enough being a psychiatric patient. Don't make it 1000 times worse by turning to the devil. Praise God and worship Him even if you can't think of a reason to. He works by way of volunteerism....if you don't seek Him, he won't be there for you. Unlike the devil, He doesn't force or trick anyone. It is purely only a decision you can make, to ask God into your life.
> As a sidenote, the name Lucifer was actually a good angel. He was the master musician, a true delight to God. His ego became so big he thought he was as good as God. He rebelled and wanted the same status as God. He went astray. That's when he became the opposite of God, and took the new name Satan. Lucifer was exceedingly good, Satan exceedingly bad, but both the same spirit. Don't follow that same path, because the end is ugly. If you think you've seen bad times now, you aint seen nothing yet if you turn to the devil.
> I mean, really, it's this you want say 60 years of depression followed by a thousand years of pure bliss; or do you want 60 years of depression followed by despair and agony so deep that the human brain can't even comprehend that kind of pain and loneliness? Obviously the 60 years of depression part sucks. At least in the God-chosen life, depression will be lighter than heavier, and stands a chance of being fixed. But the rest of time, no contest, should be an easy choice,,,,unless trapped within the cunning deception of the evil imposter.
> Resist the devil at every moment and every turn. During vulnerable times, speak the word Jesus as often as you like, and pick up a Bible. Stay the good course my friend.

Some find eternal life as a vampire. Only a select few are chosen to serve the Great One.




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