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Lou's reply-ieghjeepharbhin

Posted by Lou Pilder on August 24, 2010, at 17:16:58

In reply to Lou's reply-chemlobo hyperfocus, posted by Lou Pilder on August 24, 2010, at 17:10:07

> > I read the article and while I don't doubt that social psychiatric theories were co-opted by the Nazis to justify their genocidal plans (just like medical, economic, historical, etc. theories were co-opted) I can't say I agree with the article's premise that these ideas persist in modern psychiatry. For one thing, yes anti-psychotic drugs have a troubled history: they were poorly understood initially and did have deleterious effects on a lot of patients, they were (and still some are) used in psychiatric institutions more to physically subdue the psychotic patients than to actually treat them, they were over-prescribed, they do have heavy-duty and sometimes permanent side-effects. But these drugs have helped probably millions of people. I take small doses of an AP and have severely reduced functioning without it. The author's citing just his own work and Peter Breggin in describing the effects of APs is hardly convincing. Maybe early APs were too close to pharamacological lobotomies but this is not the situation today.
> >
> > The article is not very convincing to me. It provides scant evidence that psychiatry and psychiatric medication are fulfilling a eugenics agenda, especially since patients confined to institutions come from all ethnicities. The proposed links between Lehmann and mainstream psychiatric practice are extremely tenuous. The author shows a poor understanding of the nature of psychiatric illness and practice - he seems willing to confine schizophrenia and other psychotic patients to a life without proper treatment, which is worse than what he is alleging. Psych drugs have a bad history and still need a great deal of research and development but they do help a great deal of people. I have been rather intimate with psychiatric practice for more than 12 years and I've never had any reason to suspect that it concealed an ulterior agenda other than trying to get me better.
> >
> > However that said I don't know what this has to do with supercessionism or faith :). Could you explain more?
> >
> > hf
> >
> > > Friends,
> > > If you are considering being a discussant in thisthread or parallel threads, I am requesting that you read what is in the following article. If you could, then I think that you could have a better understnding of my concerns here and of the issues presented by h-f here.
> > > Lou
> > > To read this paper;
> > > A. bring up google
> > > B. type in:
> > > ["Progressive" Psychiatry. Publisher J.F. Lehmann as promoter of Social Psychiatry under Fascism in Changes]
> >
> Friends,
> It is written here,[...pharmacological labotomies but this is not the situation today...]
> The SSRI's are drugs used today as well ans other APs and ADs.
> If you are considering being a discussant in thisthead or parallel threads, I am requesting that you read a few articles in relation to the claim put forth here as to after reading some of the articles you could have more infomaton to make your own determination concerning the claim here.
> To read these articles,\:
> A. pull up google
> B;
> type in:
> [SSRI's, chemical lobotomy]
> If you see an articl by Shane Ellison chemist, that could be one, and another that has in it's title, [K-list]. There are others
> Now the stat that I have states that there are about 36,000 people each year that die from psychiatric drugs by one means or another. If that figure is just the deaths in the US, then interpolation could mean that millions of people will die going forward from these drugs by one means or another if the pace remains the same and I have not seen a challenge to those stats and if anyone has one could you please post such?
> Lou
> >
> Friends,
What you could read here as what I could post here could have the potential IMO to save your life.
Herer is an articl to further the discussion and if you could read it I think that you could have better understanding of the aspects of thisthread and parallel threads
To see the article.
A. pull up google
B: type in:
[Population control, and the U.N.! by Anton Chaitkin]
you could see the caps of ROCKEFELLER




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