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Lou's request for clarification- rjlockhart04-08

Posted by Lou Pilder on July 5, 2009, at 8:21:14

In reply to Dealing with an unknown/force not seen., posted by rjlockhart04-08 on July 4, 2009, at 22:30:46

> Let me start this off quick, sometimes things are not right, you feel things are not normal, people you know, and love, become "wolves", ready to kill.
> The only thing, I know what this Force is, they should of mention!'d this in sunday school! it's not all poppy - sound of music, world there is another force out there that, manipulates, causes chaos, and so forth. I just became fully aware, of who it is. Alot of people get decieved, and are told, by some mathematical force (gravity) to pull into another direction, of "where to go, the next point of life". Follow this way...Follow the White Rabbit, it's so innocecent! Not, it's a wolfe! idiot (well, speaking to myself, how many times, people racked me over)
> ____________________________________________
> Have, you that movie Rosemary's Baby?...........boring movie, yet the end scared, I saw it when i was, who know's?
> "It's ok, dear" Everything is just fine, then you look in Mirror, and see the Beast saying "see...."
> Due! this happened to me alot of times, rotten familiy, alot of things are influenced, by mathemitcal forces, that are gravity. They can manipulate, cause distortions, and so on.
> Funny, not alot of people, well (me!) what the heck happened? Reality "Flipped", people i Knew and loved, it's all because of choice + circumstance + force = event/s
> Things changed, the way I saw it, maybe it was good, because the person i was died, who cares...bye! i'm glad that person is dead, my mother killed it. Now, I know what, I'm dealing with, even a parent. You know there is a scene in the Devil's Advocate, a woman who is caring for someone who is sick, pull's out a mirror (make up-like) say's - "Go ahead dear, look how pretty you are..." she doesnt look, because she is irritated, and doesnt want to deal with reality. She finally look again, Smiles, and see's herself as "goodlooking" then that woman right behind her, turns into part "beast", and say's 'see....?"
> Slam's the mirror on her, then she "pop", she say's I have no idea what's wrong with her? she hit me! Yet, that was a beast inside the whole time, playing around. Goes outside, smokes a cigg, she did nothing wrong, called having morality of -100%. The Dark Side (this is from the movie) Al Pachino was in it.
> Anyways, sometimes even when you talked, speak with the Holy Spirit, you will constantly be attacked, even it may not seem like spiritual, like "reality" because it's being mathematically influenced by "a force".
> That's it, cross you crosses, prey to Christ, know this is going to end. I cannot live in this house of horror, anymore.
> rj

You wrote,[...prey to xxxxx...]
I am unsure as to what you are wanting to mean here. If you could post answers to the following, then I could have the opportunity to respond accordingly.
A. In,[...{prey} to xxxxx...],a generally accepted meaning of {prey} could be a victim of a predator. Could you elaborate on this so that I could have more clarification?
B. In,[..yyyy to Christ...], if you are advocating to do such, could you post here what people are you advoctaing to do such?




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