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Lou's request rclarification-uhnfow-earat? Chris O

Posted by Lou PIlder on July 21, 2008, at 8:44:34

In reply to Re: Psychic Dianne Morang: We all go to Hell! Sigismund, posted by Chris O on July 19, 2008, at 2:00:47

> Sometimes, I think we are one chromosome away from being dirt. I'm serious. Our egos endlessly guide us into these irrational patterns from which we never escape. I mean, what else can we do in the end, right? But it seems so meaningless, so Sisyphusian. We just endlessly keep making up stories to explain things. It never ends. It's tiring. My mind and spirt is weary from all this BS. Ugh.
> The thing that really got me with Ms. Morang was that: First, she used a modern world view to justify and take seriously ancient superstitious beliefs. She did so without a hint of cognitive dissonance. The other thing that got to me was that...Ms. Morang is coming from what I would label a philosophically liberal position in the western sense. It's the whole Ram Dass Be Here Now combination of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and the beliefs of the ancients--Roseau-influenced Romanticism, if you will--but it's done in a way to justify (kind of) a conservative ancient world view. Huh? So, you take a compassionate, a tolerant view of history--the one we have developed in the West over the past two hundred years. However, you use that to elevate the unfounded irrational beliefs of the ancients to some superior level? Well, that makes perfects sense, doesn't it? Granted, Ms. Morang wasn't "preaching," she was just "reporting" (She made a point to remind us of this fact several times.) However, she did seem to believe that some people with schizophrenia are contacting other dimensions, and not that they were suffering from mental illness. Now, I am open to that possibility, as I am open to any possibility, within the bounds of reason that my weary stressed out brain cells can accept. But I think it's irresponsible to suggest that someone with such a painful debilitating illness is...should not get treatment because their psychosis may be a special gift from God. Those are the kind of delusions I hold when I am in my most mentally ill state. I know that kind of thinking (the schizophrenia as spiritual gift) was in vogue in some liberal psychological circles in the 1960s. But isn't it irresponsible for someone with no mental health qualifications to babble on like this on a radio show with on audience of millions?

Chris O,
You wrote,[...the XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX beliefs of the ancients...].

I am unsure as to the identification of those in your statement here and as to what authority that you may be using to designate those ancient religions as being XXXXXXXXX and/or XXXXXXXXXX.
If you could clarify the following , then I could have the opportunity to respond accordingly.
A. What are the criteris that you use to classify an ancient religion as being XXXXXXXXX and/or XXXXXXXXXX?
B. What religions could be in your opinion exempt from those? If so, why are they exempt?




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