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Lou's reply to aspects-

Posted by Lou PIlder on July 11, 2008, at 11:02:12

In reply to Lou's reply to sassyfrancesca- sassyfrancesca, posted by Lou PIlder on July 11, 2008, at 9:20:47

> > Lou: I don't wish to go into the whole ugly story again (triggers me), but in answer to your last question: What skills do/did the pastor need to counsel abused women?
> >
> > All the skills any trained psychotherapist has.
> >
> > He needed a working knowledge of what abuse IS and how it affects the abused. He was clueless, and did such damage to so many women. I was naive to think he could help me. I helped myself, and am the moderator of an abused survivors' group.
> >
> > I may be chosen to present my paper on verbal abuse to the American Counseling Association next year, because of my experience and knowledge of the subject.
> >
> > The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patricia Evans is the 2nd most important book in the Universe in my opinion. One Ph.D. stated "It is the cornerstone of civilization."
> >
> > I don't want or desire to answer any more questions about what happened; I don't need the triggers. you can read what happened to me:
> >
> > My ex didn't commit adultery; he abused me; churches behave as if divorce is the ultimate sin; churches do such damage, because or their ignorance.
> sassyfrancesca,
> You wrote,[...all the skills any trained psychotherapist has...he did such XXX to so many women...churches do XXX because of their XXX...].
> I am unsure as to what all of what you are wanting to mean here by the nature of the grammmatical structure of your posts here. I will try to read your offered links and such to try to get a better understanding and respond accordsingly after I have the time to read those.
> There could be two sides in what I am reading in your posts and I am going to respond to your posts here. Please be advised that there will be infomation that could be diffeent from what you have posted and that perhaps not reading my posts in this thread could be an option.
> Lou

It is written here,[...churches behave as if divorce is the...churches do XXX because of their XXX...]. It is also written here that a pastor needs to councel abused women something like,[...all the skills of a trained psychotherapist...].
The issue of divorce could be IMO important to members of a mental health community. It has been revealed to me what marriage is and what my God has revealed to me about divorce. It has also been revealed to me that there are two minds, one the carnal mind and the other the spiritual mind. There is also a third mind that I have not written here about yet that may come into this thread.
Now I am unsure as to what therapists think as to if there is a spiritual mind or not to them. I do know, however, that the Baptist's doctrine includes that they have in their doctrine the carnal and the spiritual minds. So it is likely IMO that a Baptist pastor would councel in regards to principles of their faith in relation to the two, or three minds.
Then in Judaism, Rabbis councel in divorce and remairriage also. So it is of importamce to me as a Jew here to address aspects of the thread here in relation to the statements about {spititual advisers} which could be Chriatians or non Christians.
Friends, what I am about to post here could IMO change your life and open up a new undertanding about why you were born.




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