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Lou's reply to Dena-delvr

Posted by Lou Pilder on April 23, 2008, at 15:49:44

In reply to Lou's reply to Dena-tpety, posted by Lou Pilder on April 16, 2008, at 20:59:07

> > > This is good, Lou... I can see echos of the story of rescue from the very beginning...
> > >
> > > Keep going -- I'd like to see how it ties in to the question, "What should I do?"
> > >
> > > Shalom, Dena
> >
> > Dena,
> > You wrote,[..."what should I do?"...]
> > It has been revealed to me that the natural man, the carnal man, the flesh man, has clothed himself and that his clothes are temporary devices to hide his nakedness. It has been revealed to me that when one stands on the edge of the Great Gulf, that person , like Adam and Eve, know that they are naked and know that their fig leaves withered and that their nakedness is shown, they are uncovered in the sight of God.
> > It has been revealed to me that when I am writing about man being clothed or naked, that I am writing about the nature of man, either the carnal minded man or the spiritual minded man, so that those that are naked in the spiritual nature, are not ashamed, for Adam and Eve were not ashamed untill they ate of the tree of knowlege of good and evil, that the serpent said that they would not die if they ate of it.
> > When Adam and Eve knew that they were naked after eating of the tree of the knoelege of good and evil, they wanted to cover themselves, for they knew that they were naked.
> > It has been revealed to me that God will give a covering that when one is covered by it , that they will not be ashamed, that it will be spiritual clothing from heaven when we Passover the Great Gulf.
> > When I stood at the edge of the Great Gulf I knew that there was someone that lived that could help me overcome to Passover the Great Gulf and stand in my latter day upon the earth and that I would see God for myself. more...
> > Lou
> Dena,
> You asked as to what to do.
> When I was standing on the edge of the Great Gulf, I wrote some previously concerning that, but not everything.
> When I was there, I saw the other side way far away. But then I felt the the earth move under my feet and rocks were falling down the cliffs and the walls of the cliffs rumbled. Then the walls of the cliff moved toward each other, slowly and huge rocks tumbled down. I was on top of a mountain and the cliff walls kept moving toward each other untill a rope bridge was thrown from the other side and landed at my feet.
> I walked over to the other side and there were a great multitude of baby sheep, lambs, and a Rider on a White Horse. I asked the Rider how this happened and He said to me, "Your small amount of faith has moved mountains."
> Lou

You wrote,[...what was this all about...?]
The scene at the Great Gulf was one that I had written some of what happened there but the scene was horrific and so when I wrot e of it at first, I did not write of all that happened there.
But now that you have asked, there were signs and wonders happening when the two sides of the cliffs moved toward each other, terribleness. And when the rope bridge was tossed to me by the Rider on the White Horse, I staked it to a tree with a screw driver that I had and the rope briidge was swaying wildly as the earth shook. At first I could not see any way that anyone could walk that bridge under the conditions. Then I saw a dead tree on the groud that looked like a long pole. I picked it up and it was tremendously heavy and I used it as a balancing pole like you may have seen those use in walking a high wire in a circus performance.
I took up that tree and was able to get about 2 feet from the other side and I lost control of the tree and balance and I tipped to fall into the Great Gulf. But then the Rider on the White Horse put out His Outstretched Arm and with His Might Hand brought me forth out of the relm of darkness and death into the kingdom of light and peace.




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