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Re: Lou's reply to rayww-revlaw Dena

Posted by rayww on March 13, 2008, at 23:03:18

In reply to Re: Lou's reply to rayww-revlaw rayww, posted by Dena on March 10, 2008, at 22:01:28

Occasionally I come across a blog that I really like. I'm not sure you will make the connection with this quote and your last response, but let me preceed it with one comment - Sometimes as Christians we think because Christ works through us we are always happy doing it, but doing Christ's work sometimes really sucks.

"Its the assumption that feeling bad or sad or anxious or depressed is categorically the wrong way to feel. There are some things that happen to people that they should be anxious, sad, or depressed about. There are some things where this is the right response. We acknowledge this with what we call grief. We recognize that grieving is proper and healthy under certain circumstances. It seems to me that this model might call for application with regard to quite a few other negative (for lack of a better word) emotional states. There are cases where people feel bad for merely physiological reasons, and those need to be addressed physiologically, often including medication. if someone experiences a traumatic event or situation to which the right, proper emotional response is to be depressed for weeks or months or whatever, she or he will need to cope in various ways to continue with the business of living. This sensible coping may include medication. But I dont think that means those are the wrong emotions to have. We read that Christ experienced emotions that a mortal person cannot feel and remain alive. Were those the wrong emotions? Elijah wanted to die. It wasnt because of something wrong with him. It was because of something wrong with the world he was living in. We need to retain the ability to locate the causes where they are."

"What are the benefits of service? (As opposed to it making me happy) The most important benefit comes to the person who is served.
Why do we have trials and sorrows? (As opposed to it making me happier in the end) Its the type of life that God lives"

"I dont think as members of the church we should be happier than anyone else or cheerful 24/7. We are all going to have our ups and downs and it gives me comfort when I read the scriptures and realize that many of the great prophets also experienced discouragement and inadequacies. I think we do a disservice in the church culture at times by acting like if you are righteous and doing the right things, you will be happy so if you are not happy, you must be doing something wrong. Life is is a testand I havent met many people who dont have a large burden to bear in some fashion. I think the gospel of Jesus Christ can give us hope and perspective.and the Spirit can bring us peace.but it doesnt always take away the pain and difficulty of facing the trials of life. "

And...I would add keeping the commandments isn't always easy, and the life it produces isn't always fun. We accept that, and the tough get stronger as they walk and struggle through life.




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