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Re: Can some1 define 'grace' in 4-5 words? Fivefires

Posted by Krystophr' on August 4, 2007, at 12:48:01

In reply to Can some1 define 'grace' in 4-5 words?, posted by Fivefires on February 24, 2007, at 21:54:31

> I'd like to learn to have grace.
> I need it b4 I can have hope.
> I need a few words that I can repeat over and over to myself.
> TYanyone4help, 5f

Greetings, may the Grace and peace of our Lord and Creator YHVH(Yahweh), Yahshua ha Mashiach(Jesus Christ), Roauch ha Kadesh,(The Holy Spirit)be with you.

Grace is an act of emotion , along the lines of forgiveness. One can have hope and grace, for they go hand in hand. Know this! All have received Grace from our Creator, because the way we lost grace was not our fault. Remember: Darkness can not hide from Light. Light defuses all darkness. Very soon, all that live, and have lived, by putting their faith in our Creator shall be rewarded with Infinite Existance. Most unfortunate for those that have not the faith I speak of, for they are doomed to Infinate Non-existance if they do not change there minds. If you wish to find the answers you seek, read the Bible for yourself. Don't let others read it for you. Read it and ask our Creator to guide you to the answers. The Grace our Creator bestows on us is the evidence that the Creator cares for us all. Do not entertain any thoughts that lead you to anger, envy, hatered and the like, for demons are the ones that give such ideas. Focus on Love, kindness, mercy, generousity, for these are the gifts that show the Spirit of the Most High Creator working in your life. Let your prayers be concise and to the point, for many think that long winded prayers is what The Creators needs to hear in order for their prayers to be answered. However this is not true. The Creator knows what we need before we ever ask. Do not pray to have the things of this world for they will not last. Have Faith and your prayers will be answered. You would not have asked for the definition of grace if you had not already reciecved it from our Creator. Those that have no Faith in our Creator, have no interest in a life of purity nor having a blameless soul when the time comes for the Great Day of the LORDS Judgement, which is coming upon the wicked people of the world that have refused to live in the knowledge of their Creator and abused their fellow human kind and the Earth. The Creator wants that ALL would live in this knowledge so that none would be lost when the Creator puts an end to wickedness. Live by Faith as have many throughout history. Do not give worship to any humans or any Idols made by Human hands. For the things of this wicked world are soon to pass away and a new Heaven and Earth will be made where pain, sorrow, sickness and death will not exist. Only the Faithful will inherit the New Earth and be with the Creator Forever.

May peace be with you
(messenger of Christ)




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