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Re: It's sad that there are not many posts rayww

Posted by CEK on June 13, 2006, at 10:58:32

In reply to Re: It's sad that there are not many posts here. CEK, posted by MidnightBlue on June 12, 2006, at 21:27:08

Rayww, I'm sorry that your post got you a word of warning. You read what I wrote and were trying to help me. I myself was not offended my what you wrote or added for me to look up. It is scripture and I can't see harm in that. I think everyone knows there is a difference in opinion in their religions and we all need to be open minded when it comes to that. It saddens me to see that MidnightBlue could not post any words of encouragement because of fear of offending someone. The world has come to the point that everything has to be politically correct out of fear of offending someone. Someone is most of the time offended by things that they shouldn't be. Human nature I guess, but we should all respect what others have to say and stay open minded. If a post doesn't click with a persons particular religion, then I believe the person should disregard the post knowing that there are differences in opinion in religions. How can we help each other with a chip on our shoulders against what other peoples beliefs are? There would end up having to be threads devoted to each religion or for the faith board to not exist and for people of various religions to find boards elsewhere that go along with their particular faith. I was raised as a Catholic and had my own problems with some of the beliefs. I then became Baptist when I was 26 and then still had problems with some of their teachings. I believe if I keep searching different religions I will probably run across the same situation with each. I have learned to disregard the things in different religions that I don't agree with and focus on the fact that we are all serving a higher power for the good. I don't believe personally, that anyone is doomed to hell if they believe in their higher power and live their life for the good devoted to that higher power. It has bothered me in the past to listen to priests or preachers, preach to me about others going to hell for their beliefs. I didn't feel like that was what I was there for, to listen to judgement on others, when God or someone elses version of Him will be the one to judge us. I respect all religions if they are focused on making us better people. I will not condem another for their beliefs. I wish the world was the same, but we are all taught different in our religions about what if right and when you are brought up being taught that and you choose to have strong faith in your religion, then that is ones personal choice. I don't think we will be condemed by what we are taught. Very seldom do I think people explore different religions and don't understand them. Many stay with the one they began with and are taught to believe in it and don't ever look elsewhere. I myself believe there is a higher power that is in control of everything. I can not look outside my door at the beauty in nature, or look at my children and think that someone was not responsible for making such wonderful things. Some people may not feel the same, but that is their right in their own opinion. I personally feel alive with the Lord when I am with nature and with my children. I know I have been blessed. I've questioned in the past if what I've been taught in my religions is right. Am I worshiping the right power? In my heart, from experience, I believe that I am. Like you said in your post when you listen to a scripture, each time you read it, you get something different out of it. I believe this too. Words from the Bible may be taken in different ways. I don't think the link you listed was ment to slam people of Jewish faith. I believe you posted that link for me to get the encouragement that He is here for us to help and heal us. You posted it I believe for me to get out of it what was needed and I appreciate that and am not condeming you for it. I hope no one else on the board does. I feel responsible for it. I asked for help and you gave it to me the best way you knew how. To help me. Not to hurt others. As a believer in God I know that was not your intention, to hurt another of a different faith. If we all have love in our hearts for one another, there should be only respect for each and everyones views and not hate or hurtfullness because of their views. The world is not perfect and neither are we as people, but this board is called faith. Faith in general. Not one specific faith and we should all stay open minded and respect the differences in our religions even though it maybe hard for some. Thank you Rayww for your post to me. I know it was directed to me. You did not direct it toward another faith personally to hurt anyone. This board should be filled with love. That was what I was expecting, and so far what I have received. It hurts me to think that there is more here than that. That some may be hurt by this board is sad. Sad because we will never be able to understand and accept each other and their beliefs if we don't understand anything about each others beliefs. We could learn alot from each other if we can all stay open minded. If we knew more about the different beliefs and stayed open minded, then maybe some of the world could stop condeming others, understand a little more about their belief and love them regardless. I believe at the heart of whatever religion, there is love. Love that should be shared with all people. I'm sorry Dr.Bob if my posts have offended anyone. I just wish we could all unite to help each other, but how do we do it without offending others. I've never gone to the politics board, but I figured it would be full of people offending each other. Politics is a very heated subject and I've heard many arguements over people's political views. How do you keep people from offending others on that board? People even get heated up on psycho babble over their different views on meds. But I guess this being a faith board,all should be safe from the offending here. But how, when we are all people and some get very passionate about their beliefs? I don't know how this board works. Maybe I've come to the wrong place for encouragement in my faith.




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