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Re: Please be sensitive

Posted by rayww on June 13, 2006, at 10:25:28

In reply to Re: Please be sensitive rayww, posted by AuntieMel on June 13, 2006, at 8:17:01

Dear Auntie Mel,
I'm sorry you have had to rule on what I said.

Where do you suppose the thought of trying to make God seem useless or non existant originates?

Faith in God can be a very integral part of the healing process for those who believe it is possible. Faith in God cannot be proven, yet it is known. It can't be shown in any book, yet it can be believed. Faith in God is the most real non-reality that exists. It is like gravity, even Newton's law, where there are two bodies pulling toward each other, each will have an effect, although that effect cannot be seen. Faith is like gravity, in that by exercising it you actually produce a gravitational type link that pulls. and, the opposite is true also, in that a gravitational type link can be produced between you and satan. It's where you focus your belief and attention that determines which force the stronger.

True healing is found between the person and God. It is personal and private, and only known between, but it can be known, it can be believed beyond any shadow of a doubt, because it is real, and it can be nurtured and developed.

The person who takes offense to this notion is the person who has not discovcered the reality of God in his or her life. There will always be both believers and non believers in God. To a believer this notion is something that may change, depending on whether or not a seed of light is planted in their soul, for light within can grow till it becomes light without. If you don't believe me, try seeing a person a year after they find the light and just see if their countenance has changed. You'll find them to be happier, more at peace, and generally brighter in every way. And while at it, you might try the opposite, a person whose light has gone out will gradually appear more dark, dismal, and discouraged. Light is something that cannot be faked. Those who have it can recognize it in others. It is very easily discernable, and most don't even think about it.

Well, I can get carried on almost any subject, so I'd better quit before I get into more trouble for something I have said.

Auntie Mel, you know you are my friend :) even though we believe differently.


> Rayww
> We need to keep in mind here that there are people here of many faiths.
> To quote from past Dr. Bob posts (re: Anything kind or good comes from God,)
> Keeping in mind that the idea here is not to put down the faiths of others, could you please rephrase that
> and to quote another past Dr. Bob post:
> I think I need to ask you in the future to phrase comments like the above more like:
> > People of my faith believe that only His way is right.
> >
> > People of my faith worship He, whose creation this is.
> Also, please do not link to anything that could be taken as a put-down by others. I will not quote it, but verse 16 of your link would be an example.
> Please refer to the FAQ for more information.
> Follow-ups to this should be on the admin board, and of course should also be civil
> AuntieMel, acting as deputy for Dr. Bob




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