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Re: please rephrase that

Posted by deirdrehbrt on February 27, 2006, at 23:47:49

In reply to Re: please rephrase that rayww, posted by Dr. Bob on February 27, 2006, at 22:44:11

Dear Dr. Bob.
May I please tell you what I thought of that section that you pointed to?
I recognize that Rayww is speaking from his paradigm. I did not interpret it to mean that anyone outside of his faith was in any sort of trouble. It may mean so for him, but as an adult participant in the conversation, I have the ability to recognize that he is speaking his truth.
I don't take offense simply because I understand that in a real conversation, respect must work in both directions. I believe that he was respectful of my beliefs by simply not trying to put them down.
As to the nature of his comment, he used the word God. I could, if I chose, interpret that as to mean the Judeo-Christian God, which he may have intended; it's not a certainty. With a true interfaith conversation, the word God can mean different things to each of the participants. I could choose to interpret it in a larger context in which it represents deity in general. In my belief, rebellion against deity brings forth the same discord, so his statement was accurate in either sense.
I found nothing uncivil or uncomfortable in his comments. I believe we are having a good and civil and grown-up discussion. He may, or may not choose to rephrase that section, but if he does, I hope that he does not lose his meaning when he does so. I believe, in the sense in which I explained above that his statement was both civil and accurate to both of our beliefs. I cannot think of a belief system (excluding athiesim, humanism, and agnosticism) in which his statement would be considered uncivil, or false.
As this board is predicated on the existence of the supernatual, or God, reference to either acceptance or rebellion might come up. That is what each believer of any faith chooses daily. That one of us, from whichever faith might bring that up cannot necessarily be construed to be a challenge to other faiths. Again, responsibility should fall on both the reader and the writer.
As one from another faith, I accept his comment, and would stand by it myself, as would any Catholic, Protestant, LDS or Pagan that I know. I believe it to be quite universal. In asking him to rephrase it, I think that you are asking him to rephrase a statement that could offend no-one. I believe that your interpretation of his comment is what is in error. I think that if you find it in need of rephrasing, that you took it to mean that rebellion against "his" concept of God would cause the pieces not to fit. That's simply not what he said.
Anyway, thanks for looking out for people. I think though that you're looking for the offensive where none exists.
Blessings from the unnamed Goddess,




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