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Re: Lynn, An answer. Long. Simus

Posted by deirdrehbrt on February 23, 2006, at 1:33:53

In reply to Re: Lynn, An answer. Long. deirdrehbrt, posted by Simus on February 23, 2006, at 0:40:04


Thank you for sharing your heart. I have no doubt about your faith in Jesus. I honor your path. I beleive it is right for you.

Still, I think that Deity is much larger than can be described within the pages of a single volume. I see Deity, God, Goddess, revealing itself to many peoples in many ways. I think that Deity has existed all along, in all parts of the world since the dawn of time.

Some say that without God, there would be no goodness, no true love. The calvanists speak of the Total Depravity of man, it is one of their foundational principles. I don't see that. I see honor and goodness within the tribes of Native Americans. Certainly, too, they had their wars, but that has been a theme of mankind from the beginning. For honor and self sacrifice and unconditional love to exist, Deity must have had a hand. Otherwise, these civilizations would not have achieved that which they did.

Having evidence of the hand of Deity throughout the world, I can only come to the conclusion that among all peoples, there have been those who worship an ultimate Deity (God). We may have different names, different means of worship, different means of learning about Deity. Still, in the end, there is one.

As far as the belief that God gives everyone a chance to open their understanding, most of the world's population doesn't have that chance. There is some progress in China, but it is very much discouraged. Some other countries are violently anti-Christian. And then there is the question of all of those people in the western hemisphere prior to about the 1400's. I just don't believe all of these people are left behind.

Of course, as a Christian, it is your holy duty to spread the good news. It is fundamental to your faith that Jesus is the only way. I respect that.

With the exception of exclusivity to salvation, I think you would be surprised to find out just how much our faiths have in common. I'll admit that there are some significant differences as well, but there is alot of common ground.

As far as praying to Jesus, I sincerely have. I spent a great deal of time on my knees. In the end, I was led in a different direction. You're probably thinking that I've been deceived. I can't believe that. I have found a love and acceptance and a freedom, as well as a charge and duty that fills me in a way that is tangible and holy. It's not a trick of some Satan.

In the end, it's not really offering worship to a different God, it's a matter of understanding Deity in a different way. I understand that as a Christian, that's quite difficult for you, and I respect that. It's not my place to try to convince you of my ways. I just hope that we can honor each other's beliefs, and I do, and live together in friendship. I think that if we can do this, then we are truly honoring Deity.

Many blessings,




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