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Re: religious?

Posted by Dena on October 3, 2005, at 2:13:00

In reply to Re: religious? rainbowbrite, posted by Phillipa on October 2, 2005, at 23:57:25

I guess it would depend upon what you mean by "religious".

to some folks, that would be a bad connotation, conjuring up notions of empty ritual, going through motions, even being hypocritical...

to others, it would just mean their relationship with God, and all that surrounds it.

We're all spiritual people, and we're having a human experience...! I believe we're created to worship someone, or something, and we all end up doing that to one degree or another, even if the "someone" turns out to be ourselves (which I find is always my own temptation, when it boils down to the basest level).

I believe that many people, as they mature and age, turn to a faith, as they begin to realize that this life isn't forever... facing one's own mortality is a sobering thought, and the notion of simply ceasing to exist is frightening. So, turning to a religion to explain the afterlife is a common experience.

But for others, getting older only makes them more stubborn against any form of religion... which I personally believe is sad. Those people don't strike me as very happy.

I had my own personal spiritual awakening as a teenager, when the horrid angst of "who am I? what is my purpose?" drove me to seek out God... and I found I had to do it on His terms, though He met me right where I was. I didn't have to clean up my act in order to "deserve" a relationship with Him, but He did go about the process of cleansing me, and continues to do so, as I continue to make messes!

I "fell away" from Him for many years, determined to do things my own way, and to have as much fun as possible! I came to my senses, after wasting my money, my health, my sanity, and nearly my life... realizing that I wasn't having fun... wasn't even truly living -- merely existing, and miserably at that.

I had to say, "ok... Your way", and I was rather shocked to discover that His way was really rather cool, amazing, challenging, and yes - fun!

Also tough. But I've found that all things that are truly worthwhile are truly tough.

My main battles are with myself, wanting to get back into the driver's seat. And also the incredible ways in which I can fool myself into thinking that my motives are somehow better than they really are. I'm always a bit reluctant to face those unflattering parts of myself, but it's a comfort (& a RELIEF!) to realize that God is never, ever, not even for a nanosecond, disappointed in me (because to be disappointed, you have to have too-high expectations, and God is not fooled in the least about me, and loves, and even LIKES, me anyway!).

THAT's amazing grace...!

Shalom, Dena




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