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Re: doctrine etc... » Tamar

Posted by rayww on August 11, 2005, at 20:51:43

In reply to doctrine etc... » Dinah, posted by Tamar on August 11, 2005, at 16:28:38

> > And Ray can correct me if I'm wrong. But while I *think* that Mormons believe that Jesus is God of this world, they don't believe that the Holy Spirit is a separate God.
> >
> > And since Mormons *are* Christians, might it not be more accurate to compare their beliefs with the beliefs of *other* Christians? Rather than Christians?
> I find this interesting. Is it generally accepted nowadays that Mormons are Christians? The last time I was in a discussion about it, the general feeling seemed to be that Mormons weren’t Christians because of the Mormon doctrine of God (and, by extension, the doctrine of Christ). But perhaps things have changed?
I could get myself into trouble by answering this, but after what has been said, I think it is expected. We believe that Jesus is, and always has been in charge of this world, that he reports to and pleads our case before his (our) Father in Heaven, the one He prayed to, the one I pray to, the one he referred to as his Father which art in Heaven. We believe the Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead too, only he has a body of Spirit, rather than flesh and bone. His main role is to testify to our spirit that Jesus lives and is the Christ. The three are separate members of the Godhead, with individual and distinct roles, inseparably connected in purpose.

Other Christians think that because we believe this and other things about God, we are not Christian. We also believe we were spiritually created in Heaven before we received our physical body (birth), which makes us literally children of God with divine potential.

We believe in the Jesus Christ of the Bible, you know the one who was resurrected, who ate food after? The one who claimed his own body, and glorified it, then was heaven bound in it. (what else could have happened to it? The tombe was empty) And the one who in the same manner as he went into heaven, has testified he will come back to earth again. I know that is true. Literally. Joseph Smith taught all about it, and he learned it from the Father and the Son face to face. Flesh and bone to flesh and bone, and the only ones to have been resurrected thus far to have bodies of flesh and bone are the righteous, (so it couldn't have been Satan in a resurrected flesh and bone body, it just couldn't have happened).

Mormons are Christian and so are other Christians Christian. No one has to believe the same as I do to be a Christian.

An intelligent God created the universe. Sure, it fell into place all right, but it was directed intelligently. All elements in the universe are obedient to God, except man. Why? Man was created in the image of God, Male "and Female" created he them. Man is capable of creating new thought, and of governing himself, because he is a child of God. We have inherited a divine center with great potential. We can choose to be obedient to God, and choose whatever else goes along with, or we can choose not to be. It is our very own choice, sad to say. And Satan does not want us to understand it. But God does.

The Holy Ghost can reveal the truth of all things to you. It is more powerful than the light of Christ. It is a greater witness than seeing. Many have seen and have not believed. Here are a few scriptures that explain the difference between the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost. . enjoy.




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