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Re: Another prayer request Spector

Posted by Dena on June 10, 2005, at 9:57:21

In reply to Re: Another prayer request, posted by Spector on June 9, 2005, at 22:40:10

I understand...

I was depressed from a very early age... even as a toddler my mother said I was "mopey". So, it would seem that I was "born with" a chemical imbalance.

However, many people have discovered that early trauma (even benign neglect, but certainly more abusive things) can CAUSE a chemical imbalance in the brain...

... we've very much integrated beings... the physical impacts the emotional, which impacts the spiritual which impacts the physical, etc. Full circle and interconnectedly...

So - when the early trauma is dealt with (& if you don't remember anything, it's ok... God does, and can show you through this ministry, even if you have no experience with "hearing God"), the the brain seeks to balance itself out... it's amazing but true.

I was on about 10 different antidepressants for over 12 years. And I'm glad I used them, as, at the time, I was definitely needing such a "crutch" to enable me to function. But, once I was healed of the early traumas (& the lies that I believed as a result of them), my brain chemistry corrected itself, and I discovered that I no longer needed the "crutch"... And so, with the advice and oversight of my doctor, I slowly got weaned off of the antidepressant I was on, and suffered no withdrawal symptoms (DO NOT stop antidepressants on your own!!! ALWAYS seek the assistance of a professional physician/psychiatrist!).

Now, other people could possible be "born with" a chemical imbalance, just as we can be born with any number of abnormalities (physical and otherwise)... and perhaps those people need medication for a lifetime, as a diabetic would, and praise God that we live in a time where we CAN avail ourselvs of those medical interventions!

However, for me, it was worth it to discover what was at the root of my own depression/chemical imbalance... and, for me, it was a mess of lies I believed, as a result of being raised by well-meaning, but inexperienced parents, who just didn't know HOW to love me unconditionally, or to accept me completely...and thus, I was wounded, VERY early.

Each person is unique, but if you feel led to check out whether this ministry may offer you hope and healing, then do so, prayerfully.

Many, many people have found profound life changes, and a deepening connection with God. I pray that you may be one of them. May He lead you.




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