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Does God set us up??

Posted by Spriggy on June 7, 2005, at 15:13:19

I am at such a weird place in my life right now.

God has never, ever required me to have such a faith in Him or trust Him more. Before all this began, I was actually praying to Him to "give me a faith to move mountains." I don't know why I was dumb enough to ask for that because obviously the only way to have that kind of faith is for Him to stick some BIG mountains in the way! And He has.

So since December basically the following has happened to me (which oddly enough, reading through my prayer journal, I started praying that prayer for faith in November!):

1) My dad was given 3-6 months
2) I became very sick; very depressed for the first time.
3) My autistic son started having some real challenges- physical aggression, etc..
4) my house flooded
5) I got diagnosed with; hypoglycemia, Bipolar 2, lupus and fibromyalgia
6) my husband lost his job at our church

God has put me in a place where nothing in my life is certain right now except for Him. I have no clue how I will feel from one day to the next, I have no idea how my son will act, I have absolutely no idea where my husband will work or where we will live or how we will meet all the bills, etc.. I am in a place where I am backed in a corner and I either will trust the Lord and know He is in control, or I will likely have a completely nervous breakdown.

So I am asking God, " Lord why???" Why have you required so much from me at such a young age (I'm only 27! my word, give me a little breathing room! ha).

I was praying about it today and reading in the bible and I found the story of Elijah. God sent Elijah out into the middle of nowhere by himself to be near the Brook Kerith. The Lord told him that he could drink from the brook and the Lord would send the ravens each morning and evening with food for Elijah.. Eventually, after Elijah was there for a while, the brook dried up because there was no rainfall.
So then the Lord tells him to go to a city and find this widow that God had prepared to feed him. So Elijah goes out of obedience (and likely THIRST) to this city and he finds the widow..
But when he finds her and asks for food, she tells him that she only has enough food for one more meal for her and her son-- and that after they ate their last meal, she assumed her and her son would die of starvation..

I am sure Elijah must be thinking at this point, "Okay God, why did you send me to a brook that dried up and now you send me to a widow with hardly any food?"

But what God did was supernatural. He showed up in a BIG WAY.

As the widow prepared the meal, God would continually multiply it so that she never ran out- Elijah could eat, she could eat, and her son could eat. No matter how many times she prepared a meal, there was always more left for the next meal.

It dawned on me that first of all, God NEVER sets us up for failure. But sometimes He will put us in a place where it looks absolutely impossible, and as we see how there is no possibility, He shows up and works His miracles.

So I am praying today that the Lord do just that in my life as He is requiring me to trust Him in new ways.

I know He is faithful and I know that as long as I am walking after Him, I can trust Him to provide for my every need and meet me at my own brook. :)




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