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Re: Williams: CBT Didn't Work for me...

Posted by psycjw on April 14, 2005, at 3:37:09

In reply to Re: Williams: CBT Didn't Work for me..., posted by Dena on April 13, 2005, at 18:45:18

sorry to hear that numerous attempts at cbt werent helpful

lots of things come to mind:
1) looking at the website and their definition of what they offer:
Quote "Theophostic Prayer Ministry believes a person's primary present emotional pain comes from the misinterpretations (lies) learned during life experiences and not from the memories of these events themselves. For example, a child feels shame not because his father divorced his mother but because he may believe it was his fault (the lie). When I have negative emotional response in the present, it can almost always be traced back to an earlier event. In this earlier event there will be a belief that was established from which this negative emotion is rooted. My present feelings are generally indicative of what I believe.

Theophostic Prayer Ministry recognizes that behavior is greatly influenced by the knowledge stored in the mind. "

This sounds quite like rational emotive behaviour therapy - a form of cbt - where unhelpful beliefs are termed irrational - rather than "lies". Quite a lot of the above sounds quite similar to cbt in approach

- there is a focus on calling things lies rather than extreme and unhelpful beliefs - but many of these rules are learned in past experience (as suggested by cbt)
- there is a focus on the site on biblical truth helping set people free- this could be that this form of approach focuses on using these truths and using a central cbt approach which is to build on new helpful (in this context "true" rather than "lies") beliefs through testing it out (experiments again -see previous posts) and also the use of prayer (which is emphasised in the i'm not supposed to fgeel like book i/colleagues wrote ( By acting on helpful beliefs, and acting against unhelpful one's ("lies") in this context helpful change can occur

ie from the description is sounds to me to be quite like a faith based form of therapy somewhat like CBT - BUT with quite a black or white language ie the traditional language of cbt is one of helpful/unhelpful, accurate/inaccurate, and unhelpful thinking - which doesn't blame the person. i'm a bit concerned that the approach of calling these "lies" may have the potential to be seen as blaming the person - but this may not be how its delivered in practice

2). it's great the approach worked, but maybe this is about horses for courses. cbt (assuming it was cbt that was offered in the past as in the uk sometimes there are all sorts of claims cbt is being offered but its not delivered by fully trained and accredited practitioners) - has an evidence base for bulimia (see another review of effective thereapies for bulimia at and seems to be the most effective proven therapy for bulimia. its an entirely reasonable approach to help improve things - but doesnt work with everyone (its the same for treatment in virtually every branch of medicine - whatever the treatment some people do well, others less well, and some experience adverse consequences).

My main concern regarding the small part of the website you mentioned is around emphasis: e.g. statements that e.g. ".. Jesus is the only one who can truly release the wounded person from their emotional/mental bondage. This does not invalidate the role of the counselor/minister as a listener and intercessor but acknowledges that apart from Christ we are ineffective in accomplishing God’s desire for the wounded soul."

This perhaps rules out the fact that God has given people talents/skills/science and the capability to help each other through health systems etc. In the same way as most Christians would have their leg put in pot and take antidepressants if they fractured a leg and it got infected, but they might also pray and be prayed for really helpfully, i have a few concerns that quotes like that above might be read as impying that the only "real" healing is through this route. People can find real benefit from cbt - but not always. CBT (unless faith focused) can be used separate from or in addition to prayer etc - i don't see it as a second best - just something that can be effective

rather a long reply i'm afraid - as i said its great you have found the help you needed and its sounds like others have as well, but as with cbt perhaps even the site you mention will not be fully helpful for all?

chris w




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