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Re: asking for stuff rayww

Posted by SLS on February 7, 2005, at 8:00:22

In reply to asking for stuff SLS, posted by rayww on February 6, 2005, at 22:49:55

> Scott, that is a beautiful way to approach God. However, I see nothing wrong with asking God for specifics.

I have a difficult time praying for myself. I find it easier to pray for others. Sometimes I feel that it is unnecessary to pray for those things that God already knows I need and want, and that I have already prayed for. I sometimes wink at Him because it is understood between us what are those things that I need and want. It's part of our relationship. He guarantees me nothing except uncertainty. Uncertainty can be a powerful motivator of hope. About the only thing I seem to be guaranteed is the experience of peace and fulfillment that comes when I feel closer to God.

> How many scriptures are you aware of that say, "ask and you will receive"?

I guess I should ask for what I need more often. It might make a difference in the way I feel. The only thing I want right now is the disappearance of the profoundly ill state I suffer. I think God has already blessed me with the resources to take advantage of once I get well (or at least significantly better).


I just prayed for myself. It felt good.

> I agree with you, when you say it can be done with feelings and impressions, but it can also be done with words and actions.

Undoubtedly, there are many ways by which one may commune with God (or one's higher power). That which works for one person might not work for another. You are very fortunate to have found your way.

> We most often get what we step toward.

I should start running, then. It's been 23 years that I have been pursuing the same goal through prayer and deeds. I hope the resolution of my depression would not conflict so much with the welfare of others that I should be denied my health for all of my days. Sometimes, I look to the past for answers and ask myself and of God if there is something I did that was so horrendous that I shall have earned an unending punishment of mental pain and limitation. This is a very rare thing for me to do, though. My belief system usually doesn't leave room for this kind of reaction. I still look at my past to learn from. This most definitely includes those deeds I committed that hurt others unjustly and maliciously. I do ask for forgiveness and try to repent in a way consistent with what I feel I have already learned about God and His Universe.

> There is no way that all people can get what they ask for, because of so many conflicting causes, so there must be some other kind of qualifier.

As of the proper diagnosis of my illness and my understanding of its biological etiology, I have felt that to pray for anything other than my healing would be to ask for things that are too trivial. I guess I don't like to bother God with my selfishness such that I start asking for things like money and sports cars and pretty women and nice houses and a better singing voice... I would rather that He take care of the tsunami victims first. He has really blessed me with all the gifts I feel I need to get along in life except for the one thing that prevents me from using these gifts.

> I beleive the correct way to ask is explained in some of these verses:

I read this. I am no longer a patron of its tenets. I have been asking for my healing for too long and have had too many of my years ripped away from me while asking, that I have become convinced that things are not as are contained in those words. The way that I think things are, however, are more beautiful to me, and allow for me to love God unconditionally - despite the horrors that I have lived and are likely to continue living. Even if I die this way, I would not have bitterness. I have already made my peace with the way things in God's Universe operate such that my passing through it is as it was meant to be.

> It is a faith growing experience to meditate until one discovers what it is God would like us to pray for.

Hmmm. I really like this.

Thanks for offering your faith and perspective.

- Scott




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