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Re: faith alexandra_k

Posted by rayww on October 13, 2004, at 10:27:06

In reply to Re: faith, posted by alexandra_k on October 12, 2004, at 16:57:42

I appreciate your views and understand more because of them. I'm glad bob allowed this discussion to work its way through. Was anything accomplished?

I wonder if people such as myself, and others who have conscientiously chosen to follow a religious path are still considered to be brainwashed, mind bent, dogmatized, or blindly deceived. If we could somehow get through to the masses that both sides to faith are acceptable, and as you say, realize that everyone has freedom to choose their own path.

If something works for you, then you should embrace it with your whole heart. If it is not working, then have the faith to abolish the pride that keeps you hung up on it, and take courage to try a new path. But, keep searching till you find a path that works for you.

My concern is that far too many people give up before they have thoroughly investigated the options, then turn to drugs or other false stimulants, rather than face their own reality. Reality can be the most painful dwelling, but through faith, all pain can be used to our best good. I would add to faith, hope and charity.

Do you ever feel in sync with the universe, or in rhythm with nature when you know you have chosen something that was perfectly right for you? What about a perfect coincidence? In those moments we catch a glimpse of something bigger than the picture we are now a part of and for a split second understand why we are here.

How would you define hope? In what way is hope different than faith? A scripture definition of faith, hope and charity is:

Faith, hope, and charity are like a trinity/trilogy, each with its separate meaning, but whole only when connected.

The scriptures define charity as "the pure love of Christ".
Charity is love received from God and given to others. I wonder if we can truly love without charity, and if we can possess charity without faith, or faith without hope. I can trust the scriptures for answers, I can choose to have faith to believe what I read, I can hope for a better world, and I can decide to have charity toward people in general. Faith, hope and charity belong together.

What motivates a genuinely good neighbor? I would have to say faith, hope, and charity-all three. Some people are really good neighbors.

Faith must have some kind of measure, even though it is as 64bowtie just said in Rod's response to the other thread on faith.

Would the measure of your faith be your works?
Would the measure be found in the "why" you do what you do, and in the motivation, and in your thoughts?
I hope you aren't offended when I share my scripture definitions of ideas and theory. Here is the 13 verse lecture on faith and works, given by James, a brother of Jesus. This links faith in Christ to works, but I know faith in other things also leads one to good works.

My point in drawing this all together under the umbrella of faith, is to make the connection between faith, hope, and charity with how we treat our fellow men. Good works is charity defined, if your motivation for doing things is love.

A person who does not know or love God can certainly know and love people and their community and their world.

No one or no religion has the corner on love. Love is universal. But, the question here is where does love come from? My belief is that all love emenates from God, whether we believe in him or not. Love comes through us from somewhere out there. I did not invent love. It is borrowed. First I feel it, and then I share it.
I love you.




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