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Re: faith alexandra_k

Posted by rayww on October 10, 2004, at 13:42:40

In reply to Re: faith, posted by alexandra_k on October 10, 2004, at 2:17:53

I really like your thought and expression.

Is sight a propositional attitude?
What about sound, touch, smell, and taste?

Faith is a power in much the same way as sight, etc. A person can have eyes, yet be blind. One can have eyes that see, yet do not see, and ears that do not hear, even though they function properly. So, what is it they do not see or hear? Could it be faith?
Sight is a power that cannot be explained or touched, yet it is substance. Sound is a measurable substance, yet it cannot be seen. Light is measurable, though it cannot be felt, therefore it is also substance.

The scriptures say faith is the substance of things hoped for, and evidence of things not seen.

What is it that moves mountains, calms the sea, parts the clouds, or heals the sick? Magic? There is no such thing as magic. Everything follows natural law.
When Christ healed the sick, he set into motion those forces that would cause healing to happen, because, being God, he had control over the elements. Element combined with energy creates matter. Faith is part of energy, and it may even be found in element. Therefore faith is substance.

The scripture says faith is evidence, so I would say there must be plenty of evidence that counts for or against faith.

Statements of 99% of religious discourse may not be truth, "but simple objects of faith because there is no evidence that could be construed as either supporting or falsifying it."

I would say religious modules are to represent 'God', not the world, or there again perhaps the 1-99% of them.

By faith the very world was created.
Does that in any way indicate that faith is limited? or that there is a job that cannot be accomplished through faith? The grand secret lies in harnassing it. There again it is based upon natural law, and principals of righteousness. Christ obviously had perfect faith because he was the creator of the world.

I say this, not knowing if you believe, but showing how the foundation of my belief affects my understanding of faith. I have perfect faith in the scriptures (and my religion). Therefore I can say with confidence and faith that Jesus Christ created the earth, and will soon return to claim all that is rightfully His.

99% of the world regards my God as a swear word. Why do you suppose it is that the names of other Gods or great leaders are not used as swear words? I have never once in my whole entire life used the name of my God as a swear word. Perhaps that in itself is 'evidence' of reverence, respect, and also faith. The evidence of my faith is found in how i live and give my life. That is the evidence.

If someone devotes their life to something they believe in, isn't that evidence? Christ believed in you. He gave His life because he had the power to do so. He believed in you, and knew that with his help you could make it. (At what point did the world lose faith in redemption?)

(a) and (b) but only if one's faith in the 'proposition' is connected to God, or the oneness therein.

This is the faith that has power to overcome the black holes in life.




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