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Re: Dependent on God's Presence Dena

Posted by rayww on July 26, 2004, at 23:27:11

In reply to Dependent on God's Presence, posted by Dena on July 26, 2004, at 18:27:52

In order to process what you have written, perhaps I need to understand what it means to "wait" upon the Lord. A couple of possible definitions:
1. To wait for His return. Not just sit and wait, but prepare for that day, being sure my lamp is full of oil (spiritual preparation)
2. When we wait on someone, we serve them. So, as we wait upon the Lord we serve Him, and at the end of each day we ask how we did and what he would like us to do tomorrow, etc.

The next point was "run and not be weary"
What other scripture uses this phrase?

To be able to run and not be weary is something I have always wanted to be able to do. My kids can, so why can't I? Maybe it's because I haven't paid the price. I haven't conditioned myself, kept in shape, eaten right, lifted weights, whatever.

2. It also implies being fortified and strengthened as we "run" errands for the Lord, or do His work, serve one another, keep the commandments. He empowers us to be able to serve him, and takes the weariness out of the work.

Once I understand the meaning of these scriptures I will be able to understand how I can keep the Lord before me, and stay in his presence.
In Mormonism to be able to run and not be weary and walk and not faint is the promise and the blessing that comes with living our code of health as outlined in Doctrine & Covenants 89, or a principle with promise as it has been defined:

why is this an issue with the Lord? Our bodies are a gift from God and we have eternal stewardship over their care. We also have stewardship over the care of the earth, rivers, streams, oceans, plants, forests, and our children. It all links up and is the reality we live in today, in the present. It's wonderful to stay in god's presence and keep him before us, I try to do it continually, but we also need to keep our feet well planted on the ground of reality. Sometimes the over zealous seem to be walking around with their head in the clouds so focused on their eternal glory they somewhat miss the mark that lights the real path.

The scriptures contain real words, and they sometimes offend, therefore people try to change their meaning and alter their text.
Why else would there be so many different versions, dating back to the beginning of time?

We are all dependent upon God's presence. It is the essence of life, without which we would all die. But, some choose to live in it more abundantly, and that is what I was trying to share as my thoughts which you asked for. I could have just answered "yes" and been done with it, but you know how I like to flow with the keyboard on some of these topics.




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