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Re: the nature of God

Posted by rayww on May 2, 2004, at 0:53:57

In reply to Re: the nature of God simus, posted by Dinah on May 1, 2004, at 21:20:00

Mere body is hardly how I would describe God. I like the thought about God's breath sustaining the universe. There again, "breath" infers that God breathes. I agree that God is everywhere present. No matter where/who we are, he is aware of each one of us, anxious to commune with us. He is all powerful. But although I can picture his breath being so large it fills the universe yet so small it can dwell in my heart, I cannot picture God Himself as being that large and that small. To me, that is only air, and even though air is full of element and energy, both organized and unorganized, I believe God is organized according to heavenly law, whatever that might be.

It stands to reason that since everything else is organized according to law, and since we have governments that are set up to govern the land, there would also be law and governments in heaven to govern there.

I have faith to believe in the God I cannot see, but in my opinion the Bible is not understood by those who deny Him his own body, as there are so very many references to his parts and passions.

My definition of the Christian God was my perception of the Christian definition of God, not in any way meant to deny the existance of anyone else's faith or belief in "God", nor to offend God himself. I don't believe what I said offended God.

When you talk to God do you talk to him as though he was your best and closest confident/friend/counsellor/father? When I talk to him I see a face and feel his love. His gentle features, loving smile, tenderness, compassion. Hello, do we know the same God??????

Soon the world will know him as he is. He promised that in the last days there would be no question as to who he really is for anyone who really wants to know.

To Simus, I hope you understand that I did not mean to infer that you do not believe or have faith in God. What I write from the heart is from the heart. If I am writing from scripture I will usually leave a link.

> I was raised in the Mormon church, and am pretty sure that incorporeal was all that was meant. As opposed to flesh and blood.
> As one who *does* believe that God is incorporeal, that God couldn't be confined to a mere body, I find nothing offensive at the thought. I always consider God to be beyond my understanding and vast enough to fill the universe. Isn't there a belief in the Jewish Kabbalah (could be wrong here, it's been a while) that God's breath is what sustains the universe? I've always loved that thought.




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