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Re: Bi-Polar or a Gift from God?

Posted by daydreamer on January 9, 2004, at 17:23:54

In reply to Re: Bi-Polar or a Gift from God?, posted by holymama on January 9, 2004, at 14:33:32

I agree...

None of you have any idea what my life consists of and where I am at in my life.

I could easily break and become homeless if I let my guard down and gave up...

Sometimes its just the way the world works...

If there werent the homeless, we would never have an appreciation for what we have. We would never learn what its like to give to those less fortunate.

If the world was full of peace and everyone on the same side of the tracks..

we would have never known pain...
so that when we are blessed, we are able to recognize it.


I understand your opinion...

but being hard-headed on such a subject like BP Disorder... is pointless at this point of time in evolution and technology.

Doctors have barely scraped the surface of the disease.

Mind you, humans only use (maybe) 10% of their brains....
So whos to say what connection there is between God and Mentall Illness..

and with a name like "St James"-- I must be right in saying you are a religous individual?

may I ask StJames, have you been diagnosed with BP?

What I and others choose to express on here-- is some form of enlightment, an expression of hopefullness and pain. People want to write, to express, to let it go..

If someone came on here and yelled about how God doesnt exist. In their mind, maybe he doesnt...
so who am I to argue.

Theres no one religion, theres no one right answer, and its lovely... that we have such a wonderful diversity.

Its wonderful that I have the oppurtunity to help others... when Im not trying to commit myself.

No one deserves to be homeless, ill, sick, poor, or in pain...
if they have done no one individual any severe form of unjustice.

Let people hope...
its what has kept us alive so far.




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