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Re: the truth

Posted by Jai Narayan on December 30, 2003, at 20:03:20

In reply to Re: the truth Jai Narayan, posted by Dena on December 29, 2003, at 20:39:34

> Of course I don't have a corner on the market of truth. My opinion is just that - one of many billions of opinions.
< I am so glad you say that.
> But it's not my opinion, or your opinion, or any of the other billions of opinions that counts, is it?
<yes in fact people have many beliefs that support their lives on this planet and I think that makes it important.
> Do opinions create reality? Do opinions create truth?
<You are using your logic not mine in this question. I never said anything about opinions.
> Or is truth just truth, regardless of what anyone believes?
<I used to believe in the ultimate truth but I am so much older now and I can see for me that was a limited view.
> You say that there are many gods, many creators. You're welcome to your opinion, of course.
< thank you for being so gracious.
> But does your saying it make it true? Or does it just make it your opinion?
<It's not an opinion is an observation of the world.
> If truth is objective
<why would truth be objective? How about subjective?
> If a million people declare that gravity is relative, that it only applies to them if they choose to believe it, will that keep them from crashing to the ground if they jump out of a window?
< I'm sorry I can't make sense out of this example.
> What if truth is truth, regardless of whatever anyone believes?
< I know I used to believe in an ultimate TRUTH but time and living has changed my view.
> What if there is only one God?
<what is there isn't?
> If there's room for accepting the possibility that there are many gods, & many creators, is there not also room for the possibility that there is only one God, & only One Creator?
< I think that depends on the individual and their personal faith.
> Or are some possibilities more acceptable than others?
<I don't know what do you think?
> There are so many possibilities ... can they all simultaneously be true?
<well, why not?




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