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Re: Bi-Polar or a Gift from God? » daydreamer

Posted by rayww on December 30, 2003, at 7:19:07

In reply to Bi-Polar or a Gift from God?, posted by daydreamer on December 29, 2003, at 14:23:55

Some people put thought into what they write here, spending a lot of time before they post. I am one who writes as I think, correcting very little. I also create as I sew, or work. I can't sit and design and then start sewing, but as I get into a project the design opens before me. I am neither left nor right brain dominant, but cross-brained, if that means anything. I have also been told I am bipolar, and medicated for such.

There are many gifts of the spirit, and most people have at least one of them. One purpose of religion is to give a standard for these gifts. The questions you ask have been asked since the beginning of time. True religion should have answers and explain how one can discern whether these gifts come from God or Satan, as both can bestow gifts of spirit, one being good, the other being evil. A true gift would not reveal something false, although a false spirit may reveal 99 truths just to slip in one false educational idea. It is difficult to discern at best. I have experimented with this for the past 30 years, and believe I have understanding. I wish I could share it completely, but to do so would be crossing the line on this board.

I think everything you have written is right on. However, I also think we need to be careful not to assume that every prophet was mentally disordered. God calls sane and healthy prophets and reveals his word to them for our benefit. Each dispensation had prophets, and as soon as the people went astray, God called another one.

Today's prophet is Gordon B. Hinckley. I challenge you to find one element of his personality that is delusional. He is of the most sound mind, even at the ripe age of 93. He preaches only truth and family solidarity. He stands for something. (the name of a book he wrote to everyone, not just to the LDS "Standing for Something")

> When it comes to Manic Depressives and their "Faith".....
> Doctors say that many people with Bi-polar disorder tend to think they are "modern prophets", that they have a "special connection" with God. They tend to believe they are somewhat more "grand in spirit" than everyone else. They categorize themselves as being a part of a prophecy, a leader, more intelligent than "most everyone else".
> Though could it maybe-- just possibly--
> be....
> that some of those people that are very spiritual and diagnosed Bi-polar...
> could perhaps be given a "gift" from God.
> Say that when, someone who is born with the lack of one sense, another sense is maginfied. When one is born blind, perhaps their sense of touch, is more powerful than that of our own.
> Left brain individuals seem to lack power from their right brains, and visa versa. Ever meet a mathmatician thats superb at art?
> So maybe, just maybe... When "God" took away what was taken away at birth--- whether it be serontin, chemicals,-- basically youre avergae every day "brain"... and which made you Bi-polar.
> Could it be possible that it could heighten your sense of God? Raise a filter? Open a channel?
> Could it be that this "6th sense" is overpowered due to the lack of chemicals needed in the brain?
> Why must we all assume that its just a disease, and that its all fiction.
> How do you open your eyes?

Yes, I think being bipolar does heighten your sense of God and spiritual things, and opens a channel.
Yes, again, our 6th sense may be overpowered by lack of chemicals in the brain, but it may also be heightened in our mania.

I agree 100% with your query of why must we all assume that its just a disease, all fiction. I personally have experienced the gift side of bipolar, and totally believe it can be harnessed and used for good, based upon true principles. In other words, one must completely to the best of their ability live by the golden rule and keep the 10 commandments for living, you can’t mess with the wires. It is crucial to keep the channels open between you and god in order to use the gift for good. That’s my experience anyway. And, I think that is how you open your eyes to your own gifts. Bear in mind, the gift can also become a snare and suck you the oposite direction, so the choice is yours, and it's not easy to fight, I've been on that side of it too, a lot. That's why I have come to the conclusion of how important it is to be completely obedient to God's law. There can be no compromises, or excuses in that regard. Are you bipolar?

ANyway, I enjoyed reading what you wrote, I agree with it, and have asked the same questions myself. What I have written here is my own understanding, which I value for myslef, and hope you don't find it dillusional or offensive. I hope nothing I wrote crossed the civility line, there was a lot more I could have written.




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