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Re: While You are blocked... NikkiT2

Posted by Dena on December 26, 2003, at 9:48:17

In reply to Re: While You are blocked... Dena, posted by NikkiT2 on December 26, 2003, at 6:04:14

Dear Nikki -

How on earth can any of us tell anyone else what they're permitted to think or pray? Each of us has complete freedom to think the thoughts we desire, and to pray as we're led. It's not something that can be monitored (there aren't any thought police, thank God, & prayer is a very personal practice - no one else's business really).

You also have the freedom to be offended by what others may think or pray, but why waste your time being offended?

I'm not praying for you, or anyone else to change. That's not my business, I don't even know you. My prayers are an act of obedience to God. He tells me, directly & consisely, that I am to spread the gospel to the outermost reaches of this world; He doesn't say to tell only those who won't be offended. He also tells me to pray for all those I come in contact with, to pray for their salvation, to pray that His will be done in their lives. He doesn't tell me to get their "permission" first. Are you asking me to obey you, rather than God? Are you asking me to defy a direct commandment from God? I would hope not - that would be a rather presumptive thing to do.

Only God truly knows your heart, not me, not even you. We can easily fool ourselves about what's deep inside of us, but God sees the deepest reaches of our hearts - He knows us because He made us -- He has a plan for each of us, a plan that's for our highest good, beyond what we can comprehend for ourselves. He's the only one who knows how we need to change, & the only one with the power to bring about that change ... but He'll only do it with your cooperative permission - He will NEVER override your will. He restpects the free will of each individual, so much so that He'll allow you to reject Him & His plan for you if you choose. He lets each of us choose our own way, even if that way leads to our own destruction.

Still ... for reasons that I don't completely understand, God tells those of us who believe in & serve Him to pray for the salvation of others. It's not as though He's powerless without us praying, because He's not dependent upon anything or anyone. But He invites us to be part of the process of bringing the ones He created & loves into His kingdom. I don't pretend to know how it works, but I know that my obedience to pray also blesses me, even if the ones I'm praying for insist on rejecting Him in favor of their own way.

Of course every person in the world is equal. And everyone has the equal opportunity to accept or reject God's plan for them. This isn't "my" plan, or "my" beliefs that I'm "foisting onto others". This is God's plan, as laid out in the Bible, plainly & simply spelled out for anyone to read for themselves. You can still choose your own way. God will let you, He won't force you, regardless of what I or anyone else may be praying.

I'm praying that God's will be done, that His love will penetrate the hearts of those who don't yet know Him. The hearts that He Himself designed to receive & return that love - the hearts that are restless until they find Him, the One who made them. I pray that He will woo them with His love, that they will find out who He truly is, & who they were truly meant to be, that they will find fulfillment in an intimate, real relationship with the One who loves them most perfectly, just as they are.

This isn't about joining a particular religion, going to a particular church, or changing ourselves. It's about finding God. I am praying that each person I come in contact with truly finds God.

Is that really so offensive?

I respect your right to believe whatever you choose to believe. You may pray however you wish, for me, for anyone you desire. Or to not pray, as you desire.

I pray because I am compelled to, out of obedient love to God, & for the love of others.

For me to not pray would be to sin against God. Is that what you're asking me to do? If so, I must choose to obey God rather than to obey your wishes.

Ironically, you weren't one of the ones I was praying for, since you hadn't "crossed my path" before. Now, after our conversation, you have crossed my path, & if God lays you upon my heart to pray for you, I will choose to obey Him.

But you can choose to go your own way. You always have that right. Just as I have the right to pray how I'm led to.

You asked about my wiccan friend. She continues to pray for me, that I will become as she is. She tells me so. My happiness & comfort comes, not from having others think & pray as I want them to, but in trusting in God, who is able to protect me from all things that come against me. I have the security of knowing that everything that comes to me - even the seemingly negative things - have come through Him first. He only allows the things that will strengthen me, cause me to grow (which includes suffering), & to become closer to Him. All I have to do is to continue to trust Him, rather than my own perspective. It's hard at times, but He is ultimately trustworthy.

I regret that you feel offended - that wasn't ever my intention, but I must obey God over all else.

I wish you peace, & most of all to know the One who knows you best.

Shalom, Dena




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