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Re: OK, Any Buddhists in here?? » NikkiT2

Posted by zenhussy on November 29, 2003, at 12:10:19

In reply to OK, Any Buddhists in here??, posted by NikkiT2 on November 28, 2003, at 19:03:01

> After having a period this year of yearning for some spirituality in my life, I have tried and tried to get into "main stream Western religions", but it just isn't for me.

I admire your quest to find something that feels like it 'fits' you.

> So I've been falling back to a previous interest in Buddhism.
This was awakened in me the first time I visisted South East Asia (Malaysian Borneo, awesome place.. Everyone should go there!) and visisted a temple and talked to Buddhist people.
Then in 2002 we spent a month in Thailand, on an island we'd visisted for 10 days the year before so had friends there, and I spent quite a bit of time discussing it with a friend, Veera. he took me to their temple, introduced me to the monk that lives there, and I felt such peace.

What incredible opportunities you were presented with. It sounds like you really drank them in and filled your soul with those times.

> I want to do a course at my local Buddhist center, but thats not possible right now. I've been reading some of the Daili Lama's work, but would really like to know more about the fundamentals of Buddhism.

There are many branches of Buddhism. So perhaps reading up on one at a time? It ultimately is your path so you will find the correct way when the time is right.

> So any reccomended reading, or websites, or anything else would be highly appreciated. Or just general advice on how not to look like I'm doing this just to be trendy (I live near Notting Hill, and a few years ago it was THE trendy thing to do among the trustafarians (the under 30's living on daddies trust fund, who try to look like they're squatters etc!) and so has a bit of a "jumping on the band wagon" kind of reputation around here)

There's nothing trendy about seeking inner peace and enlightenment. Some of the people you might least expect to be open to the way of buddha are the best teachers we could come across. Just pick up the book Dharma Punx: A Memoir by Noah Levine (ISBN: 0060008946 punch that into google and you're all over the map with options to purchase and chase down this book from any source you should choose), son of Stephen Levine noted Buddhist teacher. However I do know the trustafarian thing and share your deep sigh at that.

> Thanks for reading rambles!
> Nikki x

You aren't rambling. You're sharing. And sharing quite a bit if you ask me. I think it is noble to question what might be out there and seek answers.

One path is that taught by the SF Zen Center If you follow their side menu and click on the scroll over of Who We Are--Related Groups you'll come to a page with links to many California Zen Centers that are similar to the SF one as well as ones in other states. They also link to related Buddhist organizations.

I have many books that I enjoy about Buddhism that approach it from different angles. Some people don't like to be bombarded with so much information so that is why I'm not spilling over with a book list right now unless you request I do so.


zenhussy ---how do you think I got this name? ; )




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