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Re: miracle healing rayww

Posted by habbyshabit on September 2, 2003, at 22:57:50

In reply to Re: miracle healing habbyshabit, posted by rayww on September 2, 2003, at 21:52:59

Hi Ray

> It's not just bipolar disorder, it's life style, it's support, it's nutrition, rest, exercise, understanding. It's family. It's triggers and crashes. If I'm under too much pressure for too long a time, I know I will crash. I rest even when I don't think I need it. Bipolar mania does that to you. Make hay while the sun shines? Good idea, but the mania sun shines around the clock for several days in a row.

~Having lived with Manic Depression a good long time now, I understand all of the above.

> It's hard to define normal as success. I sort of slipped into it, and it was my family that noticed. "Mom's doing better" they would say. ANd I'd have to stop and remember that I hadn't been behaving as strange perhaps. Strange to them, normal to me. In Bipolar, it all feels normal at the time, and that's why it is so hard to tell when you gently slip into the reality normal. Oh, i'm not explaining this well at all.

~Well, to someone who has been all over that map, you are doing a very good job of explaining it!

>>guess you have if you are passing it on as a gift from God :)

>Faith borard, remember?

~ How could I ever forget!

> >>Why do you feel the need for two different supplements?
> Two different problems. Heart disease potential in my family, and my cholesterol is too high. Mood.

~Thanks for sharing that, it seemed like a little overkill, just for bipolar.

>>Are you peri-menopausal?
> What? Who? Where? I honestly don't even know what that is. I had a complete Hysterectomy a few years ago and went right onto HRT. Dr. botched me up bad and I had a second surgery a month later. Those two surgeries might have been what brought on the bipolar disorder. I wouldn't recommend having a hysterectomy just to bypass menopause. It dulls your ability to work through things. (my experience only)

~Peri-menopause is new age speak for entering the "change of life" or being pre-menopausal when hormones start doing a new dance and a lot of other bodily changes start to take place, sometimes ten years before the actual pause. For those of us who still have uterus and overy. I ask because my bipolar cycles changed dramatically over the last two years at the same time those type of symtoms began - I started HRT this year as an experiment to see if my cycles would return to their normal (for me) length.

> Thanks for your interest.
~your welcome

~Spiritually speaking-I have to wonder if I found myself in a hypo or florid manic episode, would I suddenly be all spiritual and "in touch" with god again. Right now, in a normal mode, it seems unlikely, since the change I've just gone through seems so real and solid. A lot of my spirituality seemed to be "given" to me in pre-psychotic states. I hope to not have a mania to find out! I really do not enjoy mania or the aftermath, the crash. I can't help but wonder how many years off my life each manic episode takes.

Glad to see that NutMeig is feeling better and supported. I feel that was much of the time myself.





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