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Re: On Charging 4 Gifts of the Spirit -- Missouri Gal

Posted by Temmie on August 2, 2003, at 19:07:16

In reply to Re: On Charging 4 Gifts of the Spirit -- Missouri Gal Temmie, posted by MissouriGal on August 2, 2003, at 17:49:32

Hello Friend. What a beautiful story. I had someone do Reiki on me at work when I had a serious injury, and healed quickly, with little (or no, as I recall) bruising, and/or after-care needed. Amazing stuff. Remember to use "double-quotes" when you're mentioning a book. It's easy. Just put two sets of " at the beginning of the title, and another two at the end ("). So ... we've been discussing (quote quote) "Hands of Light" (quote quote). Good book. I do need to look for that ... it's in the basement somewhere ....

I can recommend an exercise that will help your ability to physically "see" auras. Let me know if you're interested. It's rather long to go into (maybe another ten minutes or so to sort out how to express ... then type), so I'll pass on that for now -- but it is amazing, and it is possible.

Sometimes I see auras. Sometimes not. Sometimes I just see the aura surrounding the crown chakra, sometimes I see the whole aura around the body. It's always a surprise (always seems perfectly natural), and -- if you look too hard -- sometimes you can't see at all. I've found, the more I work with Light, the more open I am to those higher frequences.

Being in love with an addict. Being "addicted" myself to that very high, rare, intimate feeling of safety and communion I felt in his arms (why wouldn't I? We are, apparently, both love-starved), I haven't been working ENOUGH with Light. Thank God for you, Jimi, FallsFall (Habby, where are you?), Mercury, and more.

I'm getting there.

I don't know whether we're able to post email addresses on this site or not .... Guess I should check the FAQs .... At the risk of "breaking the laws" here, I'll note I'm available at:

Temenos, btw, comes from the Greek, and refers to the seat of the soul, or the sanctuary ....

I can't remember what else you said, and I'm afraid if I scan back to look again, I'll lose this note -- so for now -- let me say:

(a) Paul is definitely using crack.
(b) Last night he was robbed.
(c) The mother of his first-born, Andrea, is concerned about the life-and-death nature of his current downward spiral .... We are both hoping he hits the wall soon and goes into treatment
(c) His (savy) 20-something son is on his way "home" to reconnect with Dad and will hopefully (presumably) be of the utmost help. Andrea and I are both hoping to keep Paul alive long enough for his son's arrival on Thursday.
(d) I am going to meetings.
(e) I have called one of the contacts I made.
(f) I am crying, but also -- alternatively -- chanting ... and making progress.
(g) I am finally getting some VERY needed work done on my linguistics study, and am now, in fact, going to do a google search on "proniminal determinants."

Ugh! Grueling! Thank you (and others) for keeping me company during this sad saga. Should also note I'm reading "How to Break Your Addiction to a Person" and am, "working my program" as best as I can to detach, get well, and live with the Joy (and Serenity) that best mirrors our creator.

XXX, Temmie




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