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Re. Past Life Regression, etc. -- Missouri Gal

Posted by Temmie on August 1, 2003, at 11:41:12

In reply to re: Is there a box of chakras in the house? Temmie, posted by MissouriGal on August 1, 2003, at 8:08:41

A loooonnngg time ago, I did some past-life work with a woman I met in NY. This must be going back 20-something years. I didn't find it too successful, but then I was laying on a woven lawn chair she'd pulled out of her closet -- and everything seemed kind of -- I don't know -- like she didn't know what she was doing (but wanted to practice the art). At the present time, unfortunately, I have no money to investigate any/many of the energy work/New Age alternatives in this part of the country where I live (and there are many). One of my best friends is a Jin-Shin-Do practitioner, and I've had some experiences with Mari-EL and Reiki -- but todate -- nothing. I am broke. A teacher who will not be paid again until October 1 (and that paycheck and many of the paychecks after this are already spent!). Oh well .... I can dig out the energy book you recommended .... I've done some work with automatic writing in the past. Better, if I could just REALLY reach up -- and FOCUS -- and then go into the stillness, I know I would find more of the solace, peace, understanding and solutions I seek.

It IS interesting to ponder what Paul and I have come together to teach one another. At present -- and especially (thank you Jimi) after countless moments of changing om ah ra pa cha ni ji (hope I got that right), I am feeling a *little* more at peace.

Did I tell you Paul's ex sent me a letter yesterday (!) with pictures of the two of them, and a long, long, complaining sort of missive about how "she" was the one, not me ??? That I was breaking up their family, etc? There has also been discussion about the possibility of Paul having slipped back into coke use -- and when I talked with him about these things last night, he got mad and hung up on me.

Honestly. I am nothing -- nothing but loving, caring, giving, honest, true, etc. etc. etc. And when I need understanding, I ask questions.

So -- today -- again, thanks to Jimi's intercession on my behalf -- and largely thanks to you, too (thank you and bless you for being in touch with me), I'm feeling a little more whole. I am who and what I am. Paul is hurting and struggling. He is suffering, and from what I understand, yesterday in court, he needn't have made the choice to "let the Judge decide," but could have opted for a year's probation with a no-contest charge ... after which time the charges would have been dropped.

So he's not making good choices. He's treating himself poorly. He hung up on one who has promised to love, honor and stand by him ....

That's where I'm at today. He needs to come back to some kind of center, and contact me. I need to keep chanting -- keep opening my heart to Love and Light -- keep asking for healing and guidance -- and keep working to focus on highly-technical linguistical stuff -- in order to pass my final exam.

I am ... truly ... yammerig here .... But it helps to talk. Thank you for giving me invitation to do so! I will try ... to look a little more deeply at the hidden meanings ... the under-the-surface currents and trends of what this whole thing means -- while simulataneously seeking to detach from the pain.

With love, Temmie




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