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re: Is there a box of chakras in the house? temmie

Posted by lil' jimi on August 1, 2003, at 2:15:34

In reply to Is there a box of kleenex in the house?, posted by temmie on July 31, 2003, at 18:06:11

hi Temmie,

> ... I'm interested in learning why I've gotten in so deep -- at suuuuccch a deep level of attraction and communion with one who is so unwell .... And I'm hoping ... in these meetings ... and perhaps with some new friends ... I'll be able to find my way back out again. You know. To reclaiming so much of that power I've already given away.

this is excellent on your part ...

> Jimi, the energy work you outlined differs from how I've typically envisioned my energy flow -- seeing more of an entrance through the crown, and a figure eight down the front of the heart chakra, crossing to my back at the belly, and around to the front again up my tummy -- then back along the spine, and then out as I exhale -- but -- hey -- it sounds powerful, and I'm going to work with it.

you've described the inside and i was referring to the outside ... ... your chakras and the energy channels which connect them Are exactly as you experience ... and that is where the action is for one's personal experiences ... ...

... ... those powerful internal structures emmanate the cloud-like envelope or halo of spiritual energy, which can perform like a cocoon or a shield or an antenna-dish, depending how it is deployed ... ... this aura is external to your chakra structures and typically it is external from your physical body ... ... unless you take control of it and spin it inside of you, as i have described ... ... there should be no conflict between these internal versus external views ...

... one consequence of spinning your aura inward should be that the petal-like structures of your chakras should close once the aura has been pulled in ... .. ... all of which is to give you command of your spiritual environment and let you protect yourself ... ... but my suggested exercises are external stuff and your descriptions are your spiritual internal organs ... .... which you'll be wanting to use in your recovery from Paul ... especially as you gain a deeper understanding of your underlying motivations .... .... in particular, you are going to want to apply your healing energies to your heart chakra ... ...

... my suggested exercises are more for dealing with the external world and putting you in control of your spiritual inputs from the outside ...

> I think I need the protective forces it surely offers, and if Manjushri Boddisatva of Wisdom and Justice works closely with you, I'm delighted to welcome his presence into my dark little corner of the world.

know that for as benign as Manjushri strength can be ... and for as generously as He brings His power to bear ... ... He can be determined force for your protection ... and for as gentle as He will be with you, Because you have priority, He may well be ... more direct with Paul (to Paul's ultimate benefit), but ... ... perhaps less gentle ... ...
... ... Manjushri has a wrathful aspect he uses to combat delusion and to protect the Dharma ... should you, in your sensitivities, see this Aspect, be confident that what may look fearsome .. .. is your protective guardian.

you Take Care of You ... ... Paul's destiny is in his hands ... and we know now that it is time to pull away ...

... and as Tabitha says, learn from this ..

~ jim




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