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re: Is There a Bodhisattva in the House? Temmie

Posted by lil' jimi on July 31, 2003, at 16:14:51

In reply to Is There a Lawyer in the House?, posted by Temmie on July 31, 2003, at 15:19:19

hi Temmie,

rough trip for Paul there, Tem ... ...
... ... Manjushri will have seen Paul when he came to your aid ... as the Bodhisattva of Wisdom and Justice, Manjushri will know what is best ... always does for me ... ...

i am grateful you remember to focus your good energies on Temmie for us ... thanks

speaking of spiritual matters, here in the land of pBab Faith, i ask if you can see your aura?

if you can (?)
... can you visualize it rotating with your spine as an axis?
... try rotating it to the right (i.e. clockwise when looked down on from above) slowly ...
... can you feel this making your aura come inward?
is it going farther out?

... now try to rotate it the other way (counterclockwise) ...
it is going in or going out now?

first practice it to determine which way does which: in or out ?

now try to practice rotating your aura, at will, in which ever direction brings it into you ...
... and then rotate it the other direction to bring it out ...

... when the opportunity allows (and meds allow you to) do this practice regularly until you can bring you aura into your spine all the way, at will .... and out again ... at your command ...

this is how you open and close your aura ... use this to close it up when you feel dissipated or unsafe or threatened ... this should let you feel more composed ... and open your aura when you need to be more sensitive and more receptive ...

also, your aura should be clear and bright ... if you can see anything in your aura that isn't light (practically anything at all ... there should not be any _things_ in your aura) try to focus your energy on the object(s) to disolve it(them) away ...

these are the means to maintain your aura's health ...

... you probably already know all this , but i thought i should remind you, just in case ...

... please use these techniques to protect yourself ... at all times ... best to close your aura when you sleep at night too ...

and if you notice that things, people don't seem to be making sense ... spin your aura out a little to be more in touch and to relate better ... ... but just a little ...

... mastering aura control may take weeks, months ... ... just increasing control a little will accumulate benefits as your practice enhances this ability.

hope this can help you ...

~ jim




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