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Re: Habby, Mercury, et. al. Temmie

Posted by habbyshabit on July 1, 2003, at 0:41:49

In reply to Habby, Mercury, et. al., posted by Temmie on June 29, 2003, at 13:50:56


After I write here, I am going over to the Psycho-social - babble board because I would like to talk to you about your Dad's Manic episode and what's up with that. I have 30 years personal experience in that Dept. See you there later.

As far as the Lighthouse idea not being new - well - I think Kryon would respond that neither are they... It's the first time I have come across it however.

I was reminded either in your post or Mercury's of the Tarot Card #9, that of the Hermit. The old man carrying the lantern. The concept there is of a wise elder living alone in the woods, sort of Merlin style, awaiting the student to be ready. Holding the light so that that student would be attracted to the spot. That idea connotes that contact and teaching must occur for one's light to be revealed and used. That unless one has students and can talk the talk and walk that talk so students can learn both by intellect and modeling, then one was not using one's wisdom and light and, well, if you don't use it you lose it.

Then the idea of Service, which Ram Das and many others and other religions are great pushers of, becomes paramount and unless you are performing service of some kind - mitzvahs, merit, good deeds and whatever, are not accumulating so you can go into the everlasting life and reap the your rewards.

This is where the concept of a lighthouse relieved me greatly. While I've taught many workshops on various topics, channeled for groups and individuals for over 5 years, help little old ladies put up their mini-blinds, help when the situations arise - mostly I am a recluse and don't go out of my way to perform "service".

You can find more of Kryon at If you choose the non-animated version of their site you will find a list of channelings that are usually about thirteen pages long if you print them out. If you can get through what sounds like a lot of gobbely goop in the first few paragraphs, which is repetitive if you read enough of them, there is some very good content in those channels. I have read only the 8th book and plan to purchase the ninth. Kryon has been publishing for 12 years.

I saw them and Lee Carrol, their Medium, at a small group gathering in Utah last year. I fell in love with Lee, who does a rather long presentation before he channels Kryon at the end. The channeling only lasted about a half hour.

Anyway, I have got to get to bed. I'll post on the other board tomorrow.





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