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Habby, Mercury, et. al.

Posted by Temmie on June 29, 2003, at 13:50:56

In reply to Appeal to Dr. Bob, posted by Mercury on June 29, 2003, at 13:29:06

Dear Mercury and Habby (excuse my earlier typos),

How nice to have found one another. I’m detouring a bit here from what I should be doing (but writing you is so much more fun). After looking over your posts, I have some questions.

Mercury, from where does your knowing come when you write about being “convinced that those of us who suffer from depression ... act as a magnet for ... denser forms ...?” Just curious. Insights from reading? Thought? Meditation? Messages from unseen teachers?

Interesting to ponder.

I believe the human experience is rife with – well – all manner of troubles and potential for growth. I was born into a family who abused me, emotionally, physically, sexually, and thank God :-) for my belief in His presence. Hope and prayer is what kept me going. I love your writing then, Mercury, “I cannot imagine a life more difficult than one lived in sorrow ... without hope.” Wise words.

So far as the concept of the “matrix” goes, this is beyond my scope and understanding. Perhaps it’s semantics. Clearly there is intelligence and life on myriad levels, and – well, it’s my belief, anyhow, we’re just here for a short while, and there’s important growth and potential in the physical experience. Time to try out the best of who we can be!

Habby, I so relate to your words about the loneliness one feels when friends/acquaintances aren’t able to accompany you to the deepest levels of who you are. I had tea with a new friend (a growing friend) yesterday and she laughed at one point, and said, “Wow, I so enjoy the way you put things. You have such wisdom ....” Made me feel like – huh – maybe some of that essence is coming through ..... And you know, as well as I do, I’m sure, we can’t help but meet, touch, and influence all whom we come into contact with. It’d just be nice if some of those contacts included some of our “own.” You know? It is a bit of a lonely path, especially when one is immersed in the day-to-day struggles of being human (dealing with spouses, children, aging parents, career, finances, etc.)

I have also tried to find a spiritual community, to no avail. I’m not a clap-your-hands-and-raise-your-voice -in-song kind of gal, preferring more of the contemplative approach.

I would be interested in looking at the online channelings from Kryon. I must say the “lighthouse” concept is not new, but perhaps I would find other things there that would “stir my soul,” for lack of a better term.

Ultimately, I look to Jesus Christ as the one most acquainted with the human experience, and to Mary, as the guiding feminine principal for teaching how to open one’s heart for the birth of the Christ within.

Hope we can continue the dialogue.

With love,




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