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Re: Banning or Shunning? Lou Pilder

Posted by rayww on December 24, 2002, at 1:55:18

In reply to Re: Banning or Shunning? rayww, posted by Lou Pilder on December 22, 2002, at 10:39:05

> Then you wrote that you [...opened your bible to a verse...].Then you wrote that,[...His explanation of why a person might get shunned on the faith board...]
> Now I looked at the verse and if you could clarify :
> 1)if you are , or are not, connecting the verse that you opened to as to be an explanation of [why a person might get shunned on the faith board]
> 2) if you are connecting the verse as an explanation of [why a person might get shunned on the faith board], then could you clarify how the verse explaines that?
> If you could, then I could have a better understanding of your post and be better able to have a discussion with you concerning what you wrote in the post.
> Thanks,
> Lou

Lou, I don't wish to offend your Jewish belief, so please accept my kindness in this regard, but you have asked me a question that I can't answer without offending your belief. In fact, I doubt I will be able to answer it at all to your understanding, but I will try.

Jesus had just performed a public miracle by raising Lazarus from the dead. THis wasn't a miracle that could be disputed by anyone, because there were many witnesses, and because of that, Jesus had many Jewish followers. The entire Jewish nation was threatened by the divine Jesus. Without a united Judah, The Romans would certainly gain power over them.

Jesus had just raised Lazarus from the dead, not as a resurrected immortal being, but back to his human state, to live and die again - and age as he would have naturally.

As soon as the Pharisees knew that they could not dispute the power and authority of Jesus they decided to put him to death. They reasoned it was better for one man to perish, than a whole nation.

They knowingly, prophesied that Jesus would gather in one all the children of god from every nation. ANd from that day they set forth to kill him. ANd Jesus walked no more openly among the Jews, until he was finished his mission.

Jesus was shunned because his works testified and proved he was divine. He had the human attributes of Mary his mother, but divine power from God, his literal father.

Even today, as soon as people begin thinking of Jesus as a literal god, the opposition begins to creep in. Call it shunning or what may. Or in my case, as soon as a mormon starts testifying of Christ, it has it's own particular inferrance. See, mormons can think of christians as christians and believe all the truths taught in all religions, but christians can't return that acceptance to mormons because of the Joseph Smith vision.

I believe Jesus is a God, and that our father is also God, meaning there are two of them who look like us; bodies, passions, feelings. By me saying that, am I putting you down? No. You may believe whatever you want. People who do not believe in Jesus may believe whatever they want.

Some of the best living people I know do not believe in God or Jesus. Some of the worst abusers of children do believe in God. People murder and commit holy war in the name of God.

I haven't answered your questions Lou, but perhaps you didn't understand my post. Maybe I didn't fully understand it. All I know, is as I read the verses before and after the one I highlighted, I understood to a very small degree the feeling that Jesus must have had when he was shunned and banned from the nation he loved.

You wouldn't understand why that is an issue for me even if I tried to explain it to you, but anyway, one gets to know Jesus by thinking about how he must have felt when he was in similar circumstances. In life we learn the emotions too.

Have you ever been betrayed by someone? so was Jesus. Have you ever watched someone you love make wrong choices and ruin their life? So has Jesus. Have you been a parent and loved your children? So has Jesus (he loves us). It's all part of getting to know him as friend.

Jesus is a real person to me. Not only that, a real friend.

Tonight is Christmas Eve, the night we celebrate his birth. There is a different feeling associated with this holiday than there is with any other.

Tonight my grandchildren gathered around and acted out the nativity. They pulled costumes out of Grandma's costume box and played the parts well. We had a hard time convincing little (3-yr-old) that there was a lady bug there too, as she was wearing a cute little lady bug costume. We had two Marys and two baby Jesus'. After the narration was over, my 4-year-old grandson politely finished the rest of the story, and corrected the mistakes made by the narrator, looking her directly in the eye, and he was right. We felt the spirit of Christ in our nativity presentation. Can't help saying, it is very real. There is a different feeling at Christmas than any other holiday.

Lou, I wish you the best. I don't understand a lot about other non christian religions, but I'm reading up on them. If more people would write on the faith board it would make this study easier. I think we have way more similarities than differences in belief.




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