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Re: The truth about science NikkiT2

Posted by rayww on December 13, 2002, at 6:51:23

In reply to Re: The truth about science rayww, posted by NikkiT2 on December 13, 2002, at 2:56:06

>There are simply too many clues that point to evolution for me to dismiss it and accept the creation theory. I think that is th ebiggest stumbling block to me finding my faith...

I too believe in evolution in that I don't believe God created anything outside of natural law. My personal opinion is that the earth evolved to a condition that was suitable for the survival of man, and "then" the first man, Adam, who mormons believe also helped create the earth, was somehow placed in the Garden of Eden, in an immortal state, or in a body not capable of death or suffering. A day in creation was equal to about one thousand years of our time. That gives plenty of time for evolution. I believe Adam and Eve were highly intelligent individuals, who spoke the Adamic tongue, and were taught the mysteries of creation while in the Garden of Eden. They walked and talked with God in the Garden. And so began the evolution of idea, as it was passed down from one generation to another. But, understanding was perfect in the beginning.

There are many questions, but there are also many answers. With the Millennium just around the corner, when all things that ever were will be revealed, we can look forward to answers and understanding that will explain all the missing links.

Actually, I believe that science will continue to discover truths about the creation until all is learned and understood. In the end science and religion will be the same, as it is now in the pure.

The earth itself continues to evolve. Even in the Bible we learn that during every 1000 year period since the time of Adam there has been major adjustments, from changing orbits, to land masses separating, to major earth quakes at the time of the crucifixion, and in the future, the millennium. We look forward with fear and trepidation to some of it, but in faith we have no fear. And, I suppose that is why faith is so important to our personal salvation. We must be found on the Lord's side when He comes.

I look forward with great anticipation and excitement to the future, regardless of depression, bipolar or otherwise.

I hope to be counted as one who believes in Christ, who understands the atonement, and who looks forward to His return - as He has promised. Will science have an explanation for the second coming of Christ? Therein lies the only question us mortals need concern ourselves about. Again, when the earth is right and ripe, He will come. Right, meaning His kingdom fitfully established, and ripe meaning evil as evil is possible. Please try to believe in Christ. I'm not saying to become a mormon. we try to set an example and light the way, do our best to establish a world-wide kingdom, be the salt thts all. As a popular carol this season says, we welcome him to our world.

my fear is that if i keep writing like this i will become an embarrassment to the church and to god. i don't want to be that. i don't want to swing too high and write too much, i can't evaluate myself, only by your words, nice or otherwise. but i'm a tough bird and not afraid to stand up for what i believe is right. jsut like you.




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