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Mercy and revisions in the Catholic Church/Fachad

Posted by Mashogr8 on July 25, 2002, at 11:12:56

In reply to Re: A question - a few answers - Yipee! OddipusRex, posted by fachad on July 23, 2002, at 20:22:16

In reply to your earlier statement that if there were a God how could He let the person suffer so much that the individual was forced to kill himself/herself. Personally, I believe that that is exactly the way he helps them. They have not been able to see an end to their pain. Some have tried for years. Not existing is the only way for them. Giving them that choice is God's way of letting them out of their pain rather than continuing to go through the pain. Could that not be the ultimate act of mercy?

My experience with the Catholic Church does indicate that there are revisions of certain ideas. The Tenets of the faith do not include suicide condemning one to damnation. However, I was always taught (40-50 years ago) that one who needed to end life had committed the biggest sin of all. They despaired as Judas did when he hung himself after leading the soldiers to Jesus. Despair meant total rejection of God and his help. My thoughts as a little person had always been what if Judas's last thoughts were I'm sorry. I was told God was merciful. one plus one equaled forgiveness to me.

Since Vatican II in the late '60s and early 70's I believe, ideas presented to the people became more of a responsiblity of the person not a listing of offenses that could be counted. It became an issue to see that there was justice in the world and in an individual's life -- kind of like love the sinner not the sin and change what can be changed. Suicide and even "extreme means" in hospitals were reviewed. Illness can be controlled and life should be cherished but there is a point where the means out way the outcome. What good is it for a family to have to care for a loved one in a coma forever because feeding tubes exist and allow the individual to exist in a vegetative state sometimes robbbing the family of their income. In the case of suicide, it is the illness, the irrational part of the person, which makes that choice. I believe that God is forgiving, merciful and understanding. I think if one believes in a God that it is impossible to know what He feels following such an act of supreme desperation. I am more convinced of that than ever since I attended the funeral of a 14yr. old boy this past February. There is no way God could damn him. That child did not know what he was doing. He was in extreme agony and felt there was no help or hope left for him. I believe that that child was rescued from his hell on earth. I wish with all my heart for his family and wonderful friends who miss him dearly that medication and hospitalization could have been more helpful. I wish he had had the years of experience that I have had and I would expect most of those who haave attempted suicide have had that things do change eventually. Maybe not fast enough. They do change. Depression says it won't, but it will. A person will not feel that way forever. Sometimes that is all an individual has to keep him here on earth.





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