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Re: thats serious shit Mandy

Posted by omega man on June 19, 2002, at 21:52:03

In reply to Have lost my faith and suicidal, posted by Mandy on June 19, 2002, at 15:04:47

I have a problem sometimes understanding what peoples faith is built on...if its built on the religous feeling itself then thats a "state" of which you can understand the writings of 2000 years ago..but theres nothing new happening to keep that you get hooked on feeling religious to support the continued understanding of the previous..

Did Jesus do that ? did he have any regard for previous religions ?...he had extraordinary psychic ability...which you could call I have done..and then a day later reverse back to see that the "god" was a supreme spirit who went about visiting lots of people with ungated brain states trying to do some good..and moved on...maybe the "god" spirit got so sick that his whisperings killed this nice young..he gave up..or maybe "god" was just prone to giving up anyway..

Whats vital is not to get so caught up in the past..but for you to visit people alive today..who have psychic abilities..

There are prophets alive today..but they get called all sorts of cynical names..because society decided to burn its psychics at the stake three / four hundred years ago..and we've been living in logic land ever since..

Things are changing..but you'd need to be in touch with the deepest aspects of physics as its practised now...

The essence of religion is the passing on of the soul...whether to join the crowd or just be alone...Angels and devils..that does not matter..

If you can understand the principles of Quantum will know that new technology is being developed right now that will prove using sciences hardest tools to prove our mental state can exist as a coherent form after death..

Thats all you really need to stop losing hope that those writings from the past are all nonsense of an ill mind (sometimes I lose faith myself as you'll see by my previous posts)

Its worth sticking round to see whats going to happen..Just as it would be for an anxiety sufferer to wait for cures under development.

It was on the UK news yesterday that the worlds first Quantum teleportation experiment was Australia...meaning Einstein and Godel's theory of ghosts has become fact...

Whats been proven is this..

An electromagnetic system...(like a brain and to some degree its body) which is held in a casing (skull) is capable of transmitting distributed thought structures as impressions..but only to those with psychic brains..(no sensiromotor gating)..

Upon destruction or failure of the source energy..(the heart)..the complete system (brain and to some degree body) will tear apart and basically just float off...

ITs proof..its new..and its happening now..yesterday was a special day..

if science can prove the existance of a soul..then this is the beginning of a whole new rediscovery of religion...

so what if God f|"ked off..he did his bit...its up to us now...




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