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Non-existance of time

Posted by omega man on June 18, 2002, at 18:59:30

Does anyone know what I would be talking about when I say I don't think time exists as a past and future ?

From what I've seen everyone who is wired up Neuron heavy on the left side..always goes on about the previous..what happened before..going back and back..if allowed to..converging on whatever contexts seem kiddo said dividing and subtracting....and neuron structure on the left side does converge to single points..

The opposite on the other side..people like me who are wired up that way are always looking forward expansively..unable to reference the previous..but very creative about routes for growth..

We are in essence seeing the structure of our neurons and playing them out in our perceptions...Normal human sense tells us this feels right without me pointing out what neurolgical slicing says..

I heard a theory that time does not exist..and I just could not make sense of that..but what I had figured out about left hemisphered people being pre-occupied with the previous and rights the future..gave me a clue to see what I could'nt understand in the equations...

The greatest of the Bhudda seemed to see the opposites in everything as did Einstein..and strangely enough einsteins brain on dissection revealed an abnormally fused bridge in the middle where the two hemispheres would split..he saw thru every oscilation swing of every argument ever put till he was him who proposed time as elastic..

It was proposed recently by Julian Arbour that time exists in packets held in spaces...I'm pretty sure he meant galaxies..

There is only three galaxy types..mainly gasous unformed..a vortex(ours) and spherical..the most pre-dominant....The vortex galaxy splits all matter along an axis..creating a pull into opposite our earth has and spinning rings like saturn....

I thought about why we think a previous exists..because its written..usually ..our best example being tree rings...most time pieces do have this circular repitition too...

I think its absolutely fascinating that our brains create these perceptions of time..and we think its proven because its spun into histories..that appear to follow a line...but this is only because matter is being spun that way according to the structure of a vortex..which has this definite arrow through it...

If time is held in each galaxy in a unique way...and we still don't know the strucure of "this" universe then not only can we see that past to future is an earthbound reality....then we don't even know how one time pocket relates to another..My only hope of making sense of this is that the vortex is the middle ground of all states..and our perception is the average out of all of them..

Any ideas ?




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