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Re: usefull schizophrenia..prophets..

Posted by omega man on June 17, 2002, at 1:55:56

In reply to Freeing but True (Re: .......the god spot) jonh kimble, posted by JonW on June 17, 2002, at 0:59:41

>when you think of all the wars fought and people killed in the name of religion -- that can't be good.

Not everyone natrually has an easily activated religious spot...most priests are "on" all the time .. so they are the most likely candidates for the really heavy trips..where one has a feeling of eternal love..and feels smaller and smaller in the feeling of wonder..but really youre just percieving realities deep inside the cortex...its a psychotic but enjoyable state...where quite a lot of our newer brain has just had depression..

each prophet or whatever while emerging from his periodic void started to hear voices which were actually his would need to experience this to understand how 3d an effect this is....if you've ever had a busy brain talking to yourself while in hypnosis and thinking it was someone else..then felt the sound which previosly was external actually come outside your ear and back inside where you just hear your own internal dialouge..

Schizophrenia was'nt applied then unless someone was being a real pain and then they were just called devils..

the wars are the result of unreligious men using the differences in religions which arise because
prophets did'nt understand how to seperate their own thought from the trip and thats why we have religions totally diametric in principle...Jew/Christian etc etc..

This provides a reason for the very focused and selfish actions of the unreligious military leaders to promote differences in religions as reasons for war....usually within the boundaries of their government and country ..

youre only really crazy if youre useless..or can't be understood..or a pain..or everybody knows its all in your head...but people had no idea back then..these prophets had very busy brains anyway and in the right context..a bit of starvation just brought more ideas..because they were givers not fighters for did'nt take much for some neural special effects..

now we just label people and lock them up..which is a shame..because the link with creativity and schizoprhenia is well documented in dozens of research papers ..but Pdocs never seem to see that side of it...




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