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NAC and other supplements per genetic testing

Posted by zatar on August 20, 2011, at 11:17:31

In reply to Re: NAC High Dose But No Effect, posted by torrid on August 3, 2011, at 13:17:51

I've read the above postings with interest and was wondering how genetic polymorphisms might affect the strategy for NAC and other supplement use. My daughter has dysthymia, GAD, SAD, ADHD with many somatic complaints (sleep, muscle, fatigue). She experienced her first full blown panic attack recently and agreed to begin Zoloft again after being off it for several years.

I've started her daily on:

OMEGA BRITE liquid (now up to 1 tsp, or 1,900mg EPA/448 mg DHA; this is the only kind of fish she'll take...I know, I know about the cost issue...)

VITAMIN D3 5,000 i.u. (she tested low - 25 ng/mL)

THORNE B-COMPLEX #12 VITAMIN (which contains 3.4mg P-5-P, and 200mcg 5-MTHF among other things)

VITAMIN C 500mg. (Buffered Vit. C by Nutricology)

PROBIOTIC (HLC Intensive Capsules by Pharmax

CALCIUM MAGNESIUM ZINC 2 caps by Solaray (Calcium 500mg, Magnesium 250mg, Zinc 12.5mg, Glutamic Acid HCL 50mg - per 2 caps....she'll only take two caps in the morning with her other meds, not at night)

Her mood has definitely brightened on 50mg Zoloft, but we still have poor stress reactivity and ADD issues (executive function). She also has significant learning disabilities and a language disorder, so we need to try to optimize what we can for her.

My questions are about taking NAC and other supplements related to her genetic testing results:

GPX1: +/+
SOD2: +/-
PON1: +/-
NQ01: +/-

Per methylation panel by Amy Yasko group:
COMT V158M, H62H, 61: all -/-
VDR Taq and Fok: both +/-
MAOA r297R: +/+
ACAT 1-02: -/+
ACE Del16: +/+
MTHFR C677T: +/-
MTHFR A1298C: +/-
MTR A2756G: +/-
MTRR A66G: +/+
MTRR 11: +/-
BHMT 2: +/-
BHMT 4: +/-
BHMT 8: +/+
AHCY 1 and 2: both +/+
AHCY 19: +/-
CBS C699T and A360A: both -/-
SUOX S370S: -/-
SHMT C1420T: -/-
NOS: +/-

At one time, many years ago, she tested high for cysteine (plasma?), but recent blood amino acid testing showed normal for everything (including homocysteine, methionine, etc.); only histidine was elevated (consistent with anxiety and panic???).

Since my daughter is very reluctant to take any supplements, would NAC be worth a trial? How does this relate to the fact that she is defective in the glutathione peroxidase 1 enzyme?

I would appreciate any and all comments on what other supplements we might try with her as a "best guess". The Yasko panel did make recommendations, but if you've ever read one, it is so long and generic that it's hard to say where to start. From many years of following PsychoBabble, I feel more comfortable posting and following the advice of knowledgeable posters here than on some of the Yasko follower forums.

I'd also be interested in hearing your comments about using Deplin as an add on to her Zoloft. The Thorne B-Complex contains only 200mg of 5-L-MTHF, so that might not be enough. I, myself, have started Deplin a week ago, but without any noticeable effects (yet?). But I'm almost using it as monotherapy. I am very sensitive to meds and get mild Serotonin syndrome from any SSRI I try which worsens my muscle issues. I am only on low dose doxepin (10mg) for sleep issues related to fibromyalgia.

PB rocks!





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