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Re: mercury toxicity

Posted by bleauberry on July 10, 2011, at 20:17:18

In reply to mercury toxicity, posted by markwell on June 27, 2011, at 18:55:17

Well, why does she think you have mercury toxicity? Do you have, or ever had, silver fillings in your teeth? Any other known exposure to mercury? (broken flourescent light bulbs?)

We live in a toxic world so if someone had weak detox genes and slowly accumulated natural low level environmental mercury over time, that is understandable. Maybe happens more than we know.

Did she confirm the toxicity? It's easy to do. She has a test. You pee in a container. Then you take a large dose....for me it was 1200mg....of DMSA and you collect your pee for the next 6 hours. Then the lab compares the pre- and post-DMSA urine samples. In my post sample, I had very high mercury, lead, and cadmium. My hair a few years earlier showed high mercury. But I didn't yet believe it. A couple years later, there was no mercury in my hair....but no other metals either, or in bizarre random patterns that were not normal....mercury displaces other metals including itself. So on the surface the hair test looked good, it was actually ominous. The urine test confirmed how bad.

I wouldn't do the detox personally without the urine test first. If nothing else, you need to document your starting point, so months later you can do the test again and see what progress has been made.

If you are going to do dmsa, the only safe way is the Andrew Cutler method. That is, low dose frequent dose....doses ranging from 12.5mg to 25mg to start with, later increasing to 50mg, but the important part is to dose it every 4 hours. That's the half life of dmsa. If you don't take the 4 hour dose and the last dose wears off, then all the mercury it was holding gets redumped somewhere in you causing a new toxicity you didn't have previously. They call that redistribution. Bad.

I've done close to 25 rounds of dmsa myself, lowest dose 6mg, highest 25mg, length of round ranging from 3 days to 2 weeks. If you don't pay attention to the 4 hour rule, I guarantee you it will not be pleasant.

DMSA happens to be one of the most reliable antidepressants I've ever tried. It's weird I feel a little worse the first 2 days, then amazingly better day 3 through 5, and then get worse after that. I've never figured out that pattern. DMSA also dislodges stealth hidden infections, so it could be related to that.

> I am seeing a naturopathic dr and she thinks I have heavy metal toxicity. She wants me to start a regiment of dmsa and supporting nutrients. Has anyone ever used dmsa and what should I expect?
> Mark




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