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Re: just discovered vitamin E--get better sleep

Posted by Nocturnal1 on July 6, 2011, at 12:07:27

In reply to Re: just discovered vitamin E--get better sleep, posted by Lao Tzu on June 30, 2011, at 15:34:05

> Getting enough good sleep is complex. Try and cut down on the caffeine. Some people are especially sensitive to it. Cut down on alcoholic beverages. I say that certain vitamins are absolutely essential for good sleep. I have schizophrenia and the worst thing about it was my sleep. I used to have terrible insomnia. Using an antipsychotic medication helped a lot to calm the dopamine. But you also have to balance your brain biochemistry with nutrients. Medicine alone didn't work for me. Yes, melatonin can help, but usually that isn't the sole answer. Other nutrients are needed in sufficient quantities. Vitamin E 400IU is one of them. Others are vitamins B1, B2, B6, selenium, magnesium and calcium in sufficient amounts. You have to experiment with the last two to find the right dosage that helps you with sleep. Zinc supplements kept me awake at night. Niacin didn't help much, in fact, it may have caused restless sleep. So there are certain vitamins that are beneficial to sleep (the ones I mentioned) and others that can interfere with it. So far, this is the regimen I use at night for sleep, and I swear it works.
> 400IU vitamin E
> 100mcg of selenium-yeast
> 100mg of B1
> 50mg of B2
> 1mg of melatonin
> 500mg of magnesium
> 500mg of calcium
> It might be a good idea to get some B6 during the day as well, but be careful not to take too much B6 before bed as it could potentially interfere with sleep. I don't have this problem with B1 and B2 as long as the dosage is not too high.
> Lao

its a work in progress. vit b6 is a wonder pill for a few nights, but then seems to backfire and upset the liver. I like E for ovarian health! it seems to have reached a tolerance with my sleep though. Ca/Mg are great for sleep promoting.
I have seen clinically that the vitamins do work over time. I remember blood tests for vit D and b12 a couple of years ago, and while I had been taking them for ~3 months as higher doses(4000IU for D, and ~1000ug for b12)my blood levels were low. but after another year went by and repeated the blood work, taking the same level of those supplements, they were 2x as high in my blood and at the recommended levels. so the vitamins will work, just have to have time and stay with them. these don't parlay in particular to a good nights sleep, though they don't hurt it, either. I still like fish oil best of all for avoiding early awakenings, and it is more of an antidepressant than anything else for me. I found that melatonin keeps me up all night, so its a foul ball for me! I have found that going to bed earlier does parlay into 1-1.5 more hours of sleep however! my body is supposed to be making melatonin @ 9pm and I found if I can go to bed that early, I get up the same time as if I went to bed at 11p or later!




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