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Re: just discovered vitamin E)))nocturnal

Posted by nocturnal1 on June 2, 2011, at 9:03:45

In reply to Re: just discovered vitamin E)))nocturnal nocturnal1, posted by larryhoover on May 31, 2011, at 22:17:18

> > however, the melatonin has the opposite effect on me, it keeps me awake all night!
> I think the most likely explanation for that is that you took too much. The effective dose is different for everyone, because we differ on how efficiently we absorb it from the gut, and also how effectively it crosses the blood/brain barrier. I've talked to a lot of people, and the effective doses I've heard range from 0.15 mg to 10 mg, over 60 times as much!
> Unlike what you'd expect, melatonin has an inverted U dose/response curve. The effect ramps up quickly, plateaus, and then falls off to zero, as you increase the dose. If you take too much, it actually disables the melatonin receptor, and your natural melatonin doesn't work at all, either. The trick is finding out where your own plateau is, and that is your effective dose. I use a liquid melatonin preparation, as it makes fractional dosing a breeze.
> It soulds like you're very sensitive to oral melatonin, so I'd suggest you start at 0.15 mg, 20 minutes before bedtime. If that didn't do the trick, try 0.30 the next night, and so on, increasing by the same amount each night, until you find the dose that works for you. Walmart sells 0.30 mg tablets, and they're a cinch to split.
> Lar

Interesting to know that about Melatonin. I knew that it is part of the sleep-wake cycle, and has as much to do with wakening as falling asleep. I usually took between 1-2mgs either regular or ER form. It would keep me AWAKE! Could not fall off at all into unconscious sleep! awful. I did not think of taking way less, nor did the Dr ever suspect that. she just said to drop it!
I usually fall asleep by myself(no meds or supplements) with out a problem. however, I will awaken 4-5 hours later and have trouble going back to sleep. most things I take at bedtime(Rx, OTC, or vitamins)will still have me wakening after 5 hours with the best of them. so why bother taking them? I take part of a choline/inositol pill when I wake and then I usually get a bit more sleep in with vivid dreams, and no hangover for the day. its not the best, but I get a few more moments of REM sleep at least and the day is better than without that extra bit. are you a researcher or MD?




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