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I am here for you...ask away, or just vent.

Posted by Hombre on May 13, 2011, at 10:38:47

After a bit of an absence, I've decided to reconnect with p-babble and I'm here to stay for now. You are my people, the only people that know what it is like to live with depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, hopelessness, and the stigma that stains everything you touch because you are not able to be the person you were meant to be because you are ill.

Just ill.

Not bad, not a loser, not lacking in any human quality.

Just ill.

I feel you, and even though I am in remission, I must never forget that this is a lifelong battle, and we must band together to lift ourselves out of the tarpit as best we can, every day a new struggle, yet every day a chance to hope even when broken-hearted and alone.

Please know that I am very focused on but careful experimentation with meds, herbs, vitamins, different forms of exercise/meditation, and psychological strategies.

If you aren't at this point yet, but are curious, please ask lots of questions. I have had the luxury of reading lots and lots of books on topics all related to depression and anxiety disorders.

I have practiced authentic, Chinese martial arts in the form of Tai Chi Chuan (a boxing method based on an understanding of extremes. Bipolar, if you will!) for ten years now. These arts emphasize self-healing, nurturing practices that can really help with chronic, debilitating illnesses like depression.

I have also experimented successfully with Chinese herbs. I will be interning at a traditional clinic soon on a regular basis, and I believe this will really increase my understanding of health and cultivating oneself and one's lifeforce so as to live a long, healthy, enjoyable life.

But I also depend on meds to stay sane, so while I am no longer interested in the intricacies of psychopharmacology, I've done my homework and will offer a viewpoint based on successfully mixing Western medical methods with the complementary methods of Eastern medicine.

I am not an expert, I only share my experiences to give you a frame of reference. I am always open to being called out on my BS like everyone else. I'm human.

I wish you all good health in due time, when you are ready, when you feel like taking a little chance and trying something new. I will be very honest with you, so don't take it personally if it comes out sounding critical. I am rather deficient in emotional intelligence and I want improve that by being a member of this community. I am honored to be here with some of the most brilliant and good-hearted people I've ever met.

God bless you, and don't be too hard on yourself.




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